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Here is a 1977 Peterbilt, which is owned by Rod Pickett. This nice looking Peterbilt works five days a week hauling cars. Dean Docter Collection. Here is a photo as the sun sets on Rod Pickett's custom Pete in Marysville WA.

Here are some pictures that Dean took at a truck show at Lynden, WA in September 2000.
Side view of Rod Pickett's Peterbilt. Here is Rod Pickett's rig from the front view at the "Pride in Your Ride" truck show in Lynden WA. Rear view of Rod's Peterbilt.
Engine of Rod Pickett's Peterbilt. Interior shot of Rod Pickett's Peterbilt.

A recent series of pictures taken of Rod Picketts very nice looking Peterbilt
Two views of Rod Pickett's fantastic looking Pete.
Here are some pictures of Rod's latest project. Rod sold his car hauling trailer (see above) and now will use the truck to pull his racing trailer exclusively.
A few details - Rod bought the trailer from Art Morrison. It was originally 12 feet high. After buying it they came to the conclusion that it was too short to haul three full size race cars so over the winter we added to the top. Its now 13'8" high and it wouldnt be the Picketts not to add custom wheel wells a custom paint job a whole bunch of lights and some polishing. It was alot of fun actually. Many people think the Picketts are crazy but you have to hand it to them, they (Dale(Rod's Dad) Rod and Kevin are very talented).

Here is a photo of a Pete owned by Gary Van Laar. This photo was taken at a truck show in California. This truck was customized by Pickett Custom Trucks.
Here ia photo of a Peterbilt dump truck once owned by Walker Enterprises of Snohomish WA. At the time this photo was taken it was driven and maintained by Rod Pickett. It had since been sold.
Here are some photos of a Peterbilt 379 owned by John H Kooy out of Lynwood WA. This truck was customized by Pickett Custom Trucks.
This Peterbilt 379 is owned by JH Kooy and driven by Kevin Pickett. This truck customized by Pickett Custom Trucks.
Peterbilt model 379, taken at Fremont, CA. The owner's name is Scotty Olhiser.
Here are a couple more photos of JH Kooy's Peterbilt dump truck.
Here ia a Photo of Peterbilt 379 owned by Nick Barbier of Santa Rosa CA.
Here are a couple of photos of Bed Rock's new Peterbilt 379. This truck is used to pull a lowboy.
Here is a photo of a Bed Rock Peterbilt 379 pulling a set of pneumatic tanks.
Here are a couple of photos of a Bed Rock transfer dump.
Here is a photo of a Bed Rock Peterbilt Mixer
Here are some pictures of a new Kenworth, owned by Snohomish County Excavating (SCE). They maintain a fleet of nice trucks doing "dirty work".
Here is a group of photos of some of the J.H. Kooy fleet, that Dean took during the first week of April 2002

Dean took these pictures recently in the shop at Snohomish County Excavating (SCE).
Here are some more photos of SCE's Kenworth that were taken on before May 9th and after May 10th.
This picture was shot on May 10, 2002. These pictures were shot on June 15, 2002
SCE'S International fire truck.
Another one of SCE's Kenworth dump trucks.

ISI Peterbilt from Seattle, WA.

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