"This collection is a tribute to my Father who is the hardest working man I've ever known."
Dean Docter

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Truckin' for Kids - Palmdale, CA 2001

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Dean went on a trip to California in November 2001. While he was there he attended a truck show at Palmdale, California, called Truckin' for Kids.
Here are some pictures he took at the show.

These trucks are owned by Maggini and Son Hay Company and Heavy Haul from Riverdale, CA.
Maggini & Son Peterbilt 379
Maggini & Son Peterbilt cabover.
Unidentified Peterbilt taken at the Palmdale truck show.
Here is a 1989 Peterbilt 370 owned by C&L Trucking from Las Vegas, NV.
Here are two pictures of Gardner Trucking trucks. Gardner is from Chino, CA.
Gardner Trucking Peterbilt taken at dusk.

John Wright Trucking Kenworth hay trucks from Bakersfield, CA. Here is a dusk shot of a John Wright Trucking Kenworth. Unidentified Peterbilt model 359.
Three pictures of a Peterbilt 362 owned by D&M Hay of Chino, CA.
Sandvik Peterbilt from southern California. Peterbilt 379 owned by TDT Trucking. Whittaker Trucking's Kenworth. This truck is titled "Never Satisfied".
A custom Pete 2 axle owned by T.M.T. out of Chino, CA. Unidentified 2-axle Peterbilt. This Freightliner, which hauls for Sierra Mountain, is operated by Dean's Dad, Art Docter.
Scott Olhiser standing in front of his fine looking Peterbilt.
More views of Scott Olhiser's Peterbilt curtain side.
More views of Scott Olhiser's Peterbilt curtain side.
Campbell Kenworth transfer dump truck. Campbell Peterbilt transfer dump truck. Nice looking Kenworth transfer dump. Owner is unknown.
Kenworth end dump. International end dump. Here is a photo of Mike Humphries' 80 Peterbilt. This truck works for Western States Wholesale in southern California.
Peterbilt transfer dump. Peterbilt 379. Here is a photo of a 2000 Peterbilt tanker owned by Golden Bear driven by Bob Doyle.

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