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A few years back, I took a truck load up to Atlin, BC. The customer needed a few days to unload, so I dropped the trailer and bobtailed to Skagway, Ak.

I was to go to work for White Pass when I was younger but Dad decided it would be better to give me shares in Danco than to head north so I stayed as you know. I always was fascinated with this transportation company.

Anyways, I tried to buy a ticket, but there were so many cruise ship passengers in port that the trains were sold out and could not purchase fare. I decided to walk down to the dock and watch the trains back in to pick up passengers. While there, I was bullsh%^ing with the engineer and told him that I could not buy a ticket. He then motioned to me to climb up in the cab and accompany him to the summit and back. I did not have to be told twice. I was in that cab faster than anything. I had the best seat in the house with a narrated journey.

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