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These are pics of my 1983 Kenworth W900 mounted on Chevy one ton chassis, with a 6.2 Diesel, Chevy 4 spd and gear vendors and a 2 speed auxilary
My little Kenworth with the detatchable gooseneck lowboy I built. Pulling catholic church's float in parade at Massena NY, summer of 2002. Truck was finished just in time for 2001 Macungie ATCA show.
Trucks I drove in the mid eighties to 1990 hauling oil all over northern NY
1983 Kenworth of Farrell Distributing of Vermont. One of nine I had pleasure of driving. 83 Mack RS600 of Farrell Distributing of Vermont with a 350 Mack with a 10 speed.
1980's Mack R600 with 7000 gallon single compartment trailer. This rig hauled #6 oil all over New York State and parts of Canada. Griffith Oil Mack R of Potsdam NY. I drove part time to haul fuel oil and gasoline in NY State and Canada.
My father taking delivery of new Mack Western at Cambria Mack (pop on right). Metropolitan GMC 9500. Burlington, Vermont fleet.
New turbine for hydro plant in Massena, NY My Bighorn coming across the border from Toronto in June 2003
Doug Fetterly's Macks getting ready for Harrisville NY Parade.
Northern Empire State Chapter of the ATCA members and club founders, Mike Caskinette and Dan Van Winkle's trucks at Mexico, NY. Truckstop on return from Macungie 2001. Member Francis Walsh of Massena NY Mack H Model. Member Doug Fetterly of Harrisville Ny. Mack R, Code Name "Red Hot." Former Firetruck.
Here are a couple of pictures of a local carrier's ooops
Hauling the brew(Bud) over the mountains of Vermont from Merrimac, NH. to Burlington, VT.
Massena, NY first truck show, the day before
Massena, NY first truck show
Diamond T owned by Francis Walsh 1937 Ford owned by Francis Walsh White owned by Francis Walsh
Two sister trucks to my Dodge Bighorn in their heyday. This is one of the two sister rigs of my Dodge Bighorn when Sutherland owned it.
Freightliner tractor and tanker at MGM Studios backlot tour.
An earthquake happens and floodwaters push the burning rig at you.
Nice Kenworth I found on a recent trip to Orlando, FL
One of Mike Caskinette's 1960 Dodge and van trailer. The truck sports a 413 gas engine with a 5 speed and 2 speed rear. A mid 70's KW pictured in early 1980's. I stopped over at my parent's house in Massena,NY on my way from Burlington,VT to Baldwinsville, NY for a load of BUD.

This shot is when I bought it. 1964 IH with 318 Detroit and a 13 speed. Motor and tranny were just rebuilt. Here is the International with the body off and cleaned up.
My International taken with Shawn Spellacy's KW with his B61 on the trailer My International taken next to Mike Caskinette's Dodge
Picking up the trailer i bought from the late Fred Craig's estate. It is a 1958 Trailmobile and is pictured at Fred's home in Virginia.

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