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This new addition to my collections will feature 1:87th scale model trucks that I have built. Some of the photos that will be added to this collection have been feature project articles in Model Railroading magazine, and are also included in my new ebook edition of A Truck Modeler's Notebook. Several sections of the original edition of A Truck Modeler's Notebook were expanded in the new ebook edition, and four new sub-sections were also added to the ebook. One such section is "Visual Impressions" which addresses how to approach modeling a specific prototype subject using prototype photos as a guide to capturing the essence of the prototype. An example of this concept is shown below.
The Inspiration
This unidentified photo was taken in the Sixties and exemplifies the neat look of an owner-operator's truck of that era.
A more detailed explanation of this truck can be found in the Visual Modeling section of A Truck Modeler's Notebook ebook.
This immaculate Bullnose Kenworth was restored from the ground up and operated by Dale Jessup, running between Salt Lake City and Boston before being retired. This was a complex modeling project and is the epitome of my "visual modeling" concept. That is, find a prototype one wants a model of, then build it using whatever components one needs in order to achieve the final product. Only the cab from the Don Mills resin Bullnose model was used. The frame and numerous details of the finished model were scratchbuilt and the model finished out with commercial components, many of which were modified to fit the project at hand. The 35' trailer is a highly modified A-Line 53' Utility trailer. This is one of my favorite models and also one of my most rewarding projects. I had a mental vision of what the finished model was to look like, based on several prototypes. After the project was begun, with the exception of the roof-mount air conditioner, prototype reference photos were not used to build the model. Thus, not only visual modeling, but mental modeling!

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