Leprino Transportation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leprino Foods. Leprino Foods is one of the largest producers of Mozzarella cheese in the world. Leprino Transportation is headquartered in Denver, CO with substantial equipment and driver domiciles located in Modesto, CA, Roswell, NM and Horseheads, NY. They also have a few city tractors located in the Los Angeles, CA area. Leprino Transportation operates as a common carrier throughout the 48 contiguous states of the US. Leprino Transportation is the best-maintained fleet that David has ever been acquainted with. The shop facilities in Denver are the cleanest truck stops that he has seen anywhere.

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Number 5563 is the tractor that Dave and his partner were assigned to after they quit NW, just before the company ceased operations. The upper windows in the sleeper denote a sleeper team tractor, which has an upper fold-down bunk in case both drivers need to rest at the same time. Phota was taken at the summit of Vail Pass in Colorado. In 1999, Leprino begain purchasing 53' trailers exclusively. There are smooth-side and built by Utility. In late 1999, air ride suspension on the trailers became standard equipment. Photo taken at Parachute, CO across the street from Jim's Outlaw Diner. Old habits are difficult to break. Many NW drivers are at Jim's either coming from or going to the triple staging yard in Rifle, CO. Jim simply serves up good chow, and after David's and his partner's days at NW, they still stopped in at Jim's to eat.
Denver, CO in February 1999. Leprino has one of the most recognizable fleets on the road.
Leprino participates in "No Zone" safety program, but the large graphics are not put on the sides of the trailer, only on the rear. A T-600 Kenworth and a 48' corrugated-side Utility reefer. Kenworth and Utility are icons of Leprino Transportation. Note the lack of upper windows in the sleeper, which denotes a singleman tractor. Photo taken on I-80 in Iowa.

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