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Working show truck, owned by BLM group Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Owned by Jeff Fowler, Pierce, CO The classic look of a Peterbilt is pure class. This photo was taken because of the swan and the anti-glare shields on the single headlights. They just simply look neat. This truck was not cleaned up just for the photo-shoot. Jeff keeps it this clean all the time.
This photo was taken at Walcott, IA Trucker's Jamboree. Both trucks are working show trucks. The purple Freightliner Classic in foreground, "J. R. Keystone" owned by Darian Stephens, Hereford, PA. The 1967 351 Peterbilt, in the background is owned by Robert Manley, Myakka City, FL. Peterbilt model 359, owner-operator from Longmont, CO. Photo taken in Atlanta, GA.
A solid red conventional trimmed with black fenders seems to always look good. Rather than the conspicuity stripes on the trailer being an eyesore a black stripe was added just above them, making them coordinate with the overall scheme. Photo taken at the Petro Truck Stop in Richmond, Indiana. It takes a lot of work and attention to keep a working show truck looking good, but the effort pays off. Class is in the simplistic nature of this truck. I believe that this "little window" wide-hood Peterbilt is the epitome of a cool truck. The 60" walkin flattop sleeper accents the wheelbase. There's just enough chrome, polished aluminum and stainless steel to set off the single color paint scheme. The spread-axle trailer with a 24" kingpin and trimmed in the same color as the tractor is the final touch. Photo taken at the 2000 NAST sponsored Kool Trucks at Coldwater (MI) truck show.
This W900L Kenworth has so much shine that it's almost difficult to look at in bright sunlight. The artistic flame work is unique. They begin with the trim color leading into the base color then leading into the orange and yellow of the flames. The stylistic checkered flag on the side begins with black & white checkers and leads into magenta and white checkers on the rear wall of the sleeper. The stock headlights have been removed from the fenders and single headlights mounted on a pedestal-mount have been installed, giving the W900L a unique look. A slight indentation was formed in the fiberglass fender to allow room for the drop-down headlight pedestal. Photo taken at the 2000 Walcott Truckers Jamboree.
The extremely bright red base color trimmed in magenta is a sight to behold. The frame between the sleeper and the fifthwheel is covered with highly polished stainless steel. It literally mirrors the color of the backwall of the sleeper.
"Shadow Dancer" isn't just an average neat truck, it's a careful coordination of colors of both the tractor and tarp-side, drop-deck and spread-axle trailer. I wasn't able to get a good overall view, but the entire truck offers a dynamic visual impression. Photo taken at the 2000 Walcott Truckers Jamboree. A rear three-quarter view of this truck is just as impressive as a front view!
This Peterbilt represents a smooth blend of traditional and contemporary components. The dual headlights mount on a pedestal-type bracket, the front fenders are reproductions of fifties-era Peterbilt fenders and the sleeper is only about 42" wide instead of the common large walkin sleepers common today. The paint scheme is quite simplistic using basically only two colors. The fenders begin with an orange and lead into the accent shade of red used on the frame and rear fenders. The flames are very unique also. As they work toward the rear of the hood the flames become simple fine outlines, thus leading the eye into the base color of black. The accent flames on the sides of the front fenders are just the opposite. They begin with a fine line and lead into the base color of the cab and sleeper and tipped in silver. Notice that the bottom flame on the fender surrounds a small Peterbilt emblem...nice touch...of class of course! The aluminum fuel tanks are polished so well they reflect much better than chrome. Photo taken at the 2000 Walcott Truckers Jamboree.
This very unusual Peterbilt is owned and built by a custom motorcycle and custom pickup truck builder in Hamilton, Ohio. This Peterbilt is definitely one of a kind and will be used to haul race bikes. In the future I hope to offer more details about this truck and the builder. Notice the detail work on the side of the hood and the air scoop on top of the hood. Very different!
One of the most noticeable and unusual features of this truck is the wild sunvisor.
Passport Transport Peterbilt taken along I-65 in Kentucky.
Reliable Carriers Peterbilt taken along I-75 in Ohio.
Trucks operating for Boar's Head Provisions are always a nice sight to behold. Photo taken at the Petro Travel Plaza, Effingham, Illinois in August 2002.

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