These pictures were taken on the Indiana Toll Road

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USF/Holland Motor Express. Between these four photos both old and new Ford tractors are represented. With the acquisition of Ford Heavy Truck Group by Freightliner the road tractors are now named Sterling. Also, early and late trailer lettering scheme can be seen in these photos. The new scheme has "Holland" placed closer to "USF" and is absent the "Motor Express."
ABF triples on the Indiana Toll Road & Ohio Turnpike are generally pulled by ex-Carolina twin-screw tractors. Between the two pups both the early and late CF contemporary lettering scheme is represented. Over the years CF has only had several changes to their paint and lettering scheme.
United Parcel Service operates LCVs on the Indiana and Ohio turnpikes quite heavily.
The three RPS trailers in this photo represent all lettering phases found during the transition from RPS being a Caliber Company and a FedEx company. The lead trailer has a plain red stripe, the center trailer has the original orange stripe and "Roadway Package System" lettering, and the rear trailer has the new red stripe with "An FDX Company" lettering.
"4-Nines" refers to four axles spaced 9í apart. This is a common axle configuration for steel haulers in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The two forward axles are air-lift. Itís also possible to find this axle configuration on box trailers.

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