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Tractomas units covered the 'Richards Bay to Pongola' in three (3) days with each unit consuming approx. 1150 litres for 195km! The same journey another combination the Ultra Pacific (800hp) consumed 970litres for the same distance.

ROTRAN combination:
155m in length
971t GCM
Total of 3600hp
Fuel consumption 8,75litres/km
Load a SIEMENS 370t transformer built in Nuremburg.
Max speed 25km/h flat terrain.
Trailer Cometto 2 x 14 high girder beam trailer dead weight 265t x 90m in length. Design capacity 450

2700hp (1800hp at the head and 900hp at the rear).
Photographed this morning (June 30, 2006) 803t gross combinaion mass 127.8m in length. 317t transformer on board.
Tractomas units in service! Transporting of a 371t transformer.
Transporting of a 323t transformer.

More units completed and on route to the harbour destined for SA arrival 10 January 2007. D75 (750hp) 8x8 NICOLAS TRACTOMAS

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