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Plans for the second set of three Tractomas units CAT 3412 DITA 559kW/750hp 8x8 tractors delivery July 2006.
Nicolas Tractomas under construction. Full ballast is 27t. Dead weight 72t. Tractomas first unit 85% complete in erection. Tractomas D100 under construction
The latest photo of the erection of the four NICOLAS TRACTOMAS D100 (671kW/900hp) 10x10 tractor units. Powered by a CAT 3412 E DITTA, V12, 671kW/900hp engine. In time they will replace the old units. Climbing the hill outside Hendrina
More photos of the three new 8x8 tractors being built in France.
The Tractomas unit. Loaded to 195t gross combination without any problem. The new NICOLAS Trcatomas units.
The new NICOLAS Trcatomas units.
The new NICOLAS Trcatomas units.
On route to the harbour from NICOLAS.
The new tractors that have been loaded in Le Havre in France destination Durban harbour.
The vehicle dimensions are:
12,6m (l) x 4,515m (h) and 3,47m (w)
Dead weight 71t (71,000kg) with the accommodation 75,000kg.
Power plant CAT 3412 E DITTA 671kW/900hp, V12, 27,3litre engine
Transmission/retarder/torque converter 'powershift' from the Dana Spicer stable. 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.
Axles are from Kessler in Germany.
Design rating Europe is 600t including load and trailer. In SA we are rating the unit at 250t.
Will be used in a push pull application coupled to a large hydraulic beam trailer Cometto 2 x 14 axles rated cpacity 450t, dead weight 260t and 80m in length. Mid February '06 planned to move three (3) transformers 400t over 500km from sea level to 1600m above.
Combinarion length 145m with a Gross Combination Mass of 960t.
Fuel consumption is limited to 200km for 8,000litres. Route will consume around 64,000litres to return back to the harbour.
Max speec unladen 40km/hr due to axle ratio of 14:1. Ladened will achieve approx 15km/h.

Hopefully we will register them as the largest on-highway tractors in the world in early 2006.

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