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This morning I photographed this combination before it departed from a town called Ermelo. The combination consists of four Pacific P12W3 (2x 500 & 2 x 800hp) with a Nicolas 12x12 beamed trailer. The load was a newly imported Toshiba 265t generator stator. Five (5) more is planned for delivery within the next twelve months. The load was measured from the ground to the ducting on top 7.4m.
MAN 40.502 x 2 (502hp) 6x6's
Nicolas 10x10 beamed trailer
ESKOM Transmission 160ton transformer
Rear unit MAN 40.700 6x6

One of the projects that I have been busy with over the last couple of years was to evaluate, design and procure the replacement vehicles for the aging Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) truck tractors operating in South Africa.

Set Objectives & Principles:
The manufacturer must have a vehicle in a similar application with engine capacity of greater than 700hp.
Must be able to provide a drive train that supporters off-highway components (i.e.powershift transmission)
Have experience with multi-haulier applications similar to what is used in South Africa.
Achieve GCM of 1,000,000kgs (or 1000t)
GCM load per vehicle >250,000kg
Minimum power/mass ratio for the haulier under maximum loaded conditions 2.75kW/1000kg.
Maximum Operating Speed 30km/h (loaded) and 45km/h (unloaded)
All wheel drive units either 8x8 or 10x10 depending on engine size.
ESWM (Equivalent Single Wheel Mass) will not exceed 5,000kg.
20% of the total gross mass be on the driving axles.

Well after five (5) years of research, evaluating all the known manufactures worldwide such as MAN, MB, NAW, OAF, Kenworth, FAUN, MOL, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Autocar, Oshkosh, Terberg, Pacific Truck & Trailer, Tatra, SIVI (Iveco), SUSI, Unipower, Mack (USA & Australia), Bell, Clark, Euclid, Terex, Hendrickson, Titan, TitanBerlin, Willeme, all the known 'Russian' military vehicles builders and Haulmax photos attached (Australia). Anyone wants to know about large prime movers they can give me a call I have a huge data base.

Haulmax Trucks

We have concluded that NICOLAS Industrie SAS of France will build the new tractors.

NICOLAS Tractomas D100 (671kW/900hp) 10x10 tractor (see drawing)
Engine - CAT 3142E electronic managed DITTA, V12 '671kW/900hp' engine. Engine used in a CATD9R Bulldozer.
Transmission/Torque Converter Dana Clark Spicer PowerShift 16281-1, 8forward and 4 reverse gears
Axles Kessler of Germany
Dead Weight of tractor 41tons
Dimensions 12.3m (l) x 4.2m (h) x 3.5m (w)
Intended ballast is minimum of 13ton with a combine weight of 54tons.
Registered in South Africa they will be the largest tractors in operation "on-highway" and most likely in the world. We are not permitted to drive these tractors once built in France on their roads due to its size. They will be used in combinations of four (4) units with 3,600hp available to move transformers and generator stators throughout South Africa.

This will be the largest tractor ever built by NICOLAS Industrie of France. The closest unit built was for a project in China for GPEC (Gujarat PowerGen Energy Co-Operation) photographed attached "tractomas_china". These units have MAN diesel engine rating at 760hp.

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