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Dennis received these pictures from the Manager of Rotran, Leon De Beer. They moved a 20m high X 20 diameter tank in SASOL West Plant. Look at the small Pacific P12W3 (500 horses) pulling that huge tank without any problem. The tank weight is around 200ton in weight.
These monsters were parked outside our security gate awaiting the loading of one of our 340ton transformers. Note front unit 800hp + 500hp + 800hp and the last unit 500hp.
These Pacific's left on November 19, 2001 from the power station where Dennis works with a 340ton transformer on board the Ultra Nicolas trailer. The combination was around 720tons. Four Pacific's were used front 500hp + 800hp + 800hp and in the rear 500hp. Overall length 120metres. To drive from this power station to Johannesburg is around 1hour at 120km/hr. This load will take 4 days to cover the same destination.
The combination is as follows:-

Overall length around 120metres
Pacific P12W3 (500hp) - 40tons
Pacific P12W3 (500hp) - 40tons
Pacific Ultra P12W3 (800hp) - 50tons
ULTRA NICOLAS beamed trailer 80metres long 288 wheels 12x12 axles capacity 350/400tons - unladen mass 220tons
Load was a ABB Transformer 795MVA - weighing 350tons
Rear Unit - Pacific Ultra P12W3 (800hp) - 50tons
Gross combination mass - 745tons

The load was travelling from Majuba Power Station through to Kendal Power Station around 300kms. The load has travelled two days and tonight is parked on a 14km dirt road about 18kms from the power station.
Rotran MAN 40.502 & MAN 40.700 6x6's with a Nicolas 10x10 trailer carrying a 250ton transformer for export Texas USA
Rear unit Pacific P12W3 (500hp)
Gross combination mass 415tons
Today, August 11,2002, the Pacific's departed from Kendal with a 340ton transformer. The lead Ultra Pacific did not get very far when there was a bellow of diesel fumes as it negotiated a steep gradient. On investigation the engine had a passing valve termed "blow back". Already the combination only had three Pacific's available as the fourth Pacific 500hp, on its return from Zambia was driven over the designed speed and the gearbox and differ packed up. The second unit MAN 40.700 6x6 returning also from Zambia with a 12 axle Nicolas stopped and towed the Pacific home. They delivered a 140ton transformer made in India to Zambia. Today's combination was stopped about 2 km from the power station and another MAN 47.800 6x6 unit was called to take the lead. The interesting part is that the transformer is supported on beams (normally used to support generator stators mounted in brace) not attached via lugs to the beams of the trailer as the transformer is badly deformed due to a failure. The transformer overall height is 5.2m compared to 4.2m supported on the beams.
This morning at 04h00 (January 31, 2003), I drove through to Ermelo to capture an export transformer from ABB Powertech in Pretoria on route to Motraco in Mozambique via Swaziland.

The transformer weighs 181ton supported on a Nicolas 10x10 girder beam trailer.

Horsepower was supplied two head MAN 40.502 6x6's and at the rear a MAN 40.700 6x6.
SASOL ONE - Sasolburg

The big reactors built by MAN/DWE of Germany are landing on the 10 March 2002 in Richards Bay on route to Sasol One.

The two reactors are weighing 320t and 270t respectively. MAMMOET will move the two reactors with "braced module" concept.

A few photos of the Pacific's parked in Kriel on a March 2003 afternoon with a transformer 161tons (355 000lbs) for Hendrina Power Station. Sorry about the picture with a shadow but they were parked in the direct sunlight!
Ultra Pacific 800 HP 26 year veteran of these Ultra Pacifc trucks
This morning (May 11, 2003), I drove out to Babsfontein (around 100km one way from where I stay) as the ever present Rotran vehicles were parked over the weekend with a 299t transformer returning from Matimba Power Station in the far Northern Province around 70km from the Botswana border for repairs. One of the Ultra Pacific stripped back diffs gears outside of Bronkhorspruit. They towed the vehicle into the workshop for repairs. They called in a MAN 40.700 6x6 to perform the duties.
Here is a good picture that I took last year of the combination departing from our station with a 340ton transformer onboard. The most interesting observation is the gent in the picture showing the actual size of the combination. The trailer was built in France Nicolas 288wheels (12x12) with four truck-tractors Pacific P12W3 500hp and 800hp units. Gross combination mass 720ton.
The 800hp units have the larger size tyres.
The combinations comprises of:- Pacific P12W3 (500hp) + (x2) Pacific P12W3 (800hp) + Ultra Nicolas 12x12 (350ton capacity) + Pacific P12W3 (500hp in the rear. Overall length 120m.
Rotran Pacific P12W3 (500hp) + Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) with Ultra Nicolas trailer 12x12 axles with a MAN 40.700 6x6 at the rear. Load is a GEC steam turbine generator stator core bundle weighing 280ton.
Rotran P12W3 (500hp) with a Nicolas 12 axle module. On board a GEC steam turbine stator casing weighing 146t.
The stator core 270t arriving in a town called Ogies approx 30km from Duvha PS after a long difficult journey in the pouring rain. After five minutes I was soaking wet.

Three Pacific's (2 x 500hp and 1 x 800hp) and a MB 3850 6x6 (500hp) truck-tractor carrying a 300t Toshiba transformer. The transformer has precast supporting lugs and is more elevated off the floor than the standard transformers. Average height on a normal one from the floor is 500mm whereby this unit is up to 800mm. Look at picture DSCF0014 on the MB 3850 6x6 truck-tractor with the shower and wash basin attachment!

Yes, this is Africa we are very innovate especially when you consider that these drivers are away from home up to six weeks at a time.

The Pacifics accommodation is very well designed and plenty of space with four bunk beds, gas stove, wash basin (used to wash plates, cups etc...), table and yes a shower all in one. The shower has hot water as well.

Attached are some pictures of the recent transformer that we sent to our repair facility in Johannesburg. Transformer weighs 340t. ROTRAN had to shunt onto the freeway in reverse direction on the off-ramp breaking down sign boards in the way. (DSCF0024/29) Then, they positioned themselves on the N12 freeway and the hydraulic tank on the trailer broke spilling 100litres of hydraulic fluid on the freeway.(DSCF0043)
Vehicles used:
Two front units Pacific P12W3 (500hp)
Third unit a Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp)
Trailer Ultra Nicolas 12x12 beam trailer.
Rear unit and the the photo front unit whilst shunting MAN 40.502 6x6
Well now five years later, I have designed the new replacement vehicle for the ULTRA Pacific and we are almost ready to place an order for four (4) NICOLAS Tractomas D100 (CAT 3412E DITTA 671kw/900hp) 10x10 tractor. Dead weight 41tons with full ballast almost 71ton. Dimensions length 12.2m x width 3.6m x 4.2m high. This is an enormous machine (monster in some peoples terms) that we use to transport my company.s generator stators and transformers over vast distances in South Africa. I am of the opinion that this will have to be registered in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS as the largest on-highway tractor in the world. An example of the combination Pacific P12 (500hp) x 2 with a Ultra Pacific (800hp) number 3 and rear with a Ultra NICOLAS 288 wheel beam trailer carrying a 350t transformer. Total of 2600hp on tap. A largest combination operated with five (5) Ultra Pacific's with 4000hp on tap. Overall length 140m. Fuel consumption 1.5gallons per mile. Photo taken at 18h00 at night in the rain. Not bad hey?

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