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Here are some pictures from South Africa. The trucks are Pacific model P12W3. The sign on the front of these trucks saying, "ABNORMAL/E" means Abnormal in Afrikaans and "ABNORMAL VRAG" means Abnormal Load. These photos were taken by Dennis Child of South Africa.
Rotran Pacific P12-16 hauling a 185 Ton load in April 2000. 760 horsepower Nicolas working in China. MAN 40.700 6x6 + Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) + Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) + Ultra Nicolas trailer 288wheels carrying an generator stator 299tons + MAN 40.700 6x6 pushing. GCM 730 tons estimated length 120 metres.
Pacific P12W3 (500hp) parked in the stage area for the SASOL Reactor Project Richards Bay harbour. Mercedes Benz 3850 6x6 (500hp) + Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) + Cometto module 14axle capacity 450tons carrying an 270ton reactor section 10m in diameter + Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) pushing. MAN 40.700 + Ultra Pacific P12W3 800hp with Nicolas module carrying 190ton 8,5m diameter reactor.
Pacific P12W3 (500hp) + Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) + Ultra Pacific P12W3 (800hp) + Ultra Nicolas beamed trailer 288wheels capacity 400tons carrying a 340ton transformer + Pacific P12W3 (500hp) pushing. GCM 705tons estimated length 120m. MAN 40.502 6x6 + MAN 40.700 6x6 + Nicolas modules with reactor section 170tons 8.5m in diameter. MAN 40.502 6x6 + MAN 40.502 6x6 with 10X10 Nicolas beams with 185ton step down transformer ex Texas USA with Pacific P12W3 500hp pushing.

Rotran combination lead vehicle Pacific P12W3 (500hp) + tandem Ultra Pacific's P12W3 (800hp) + 12X12 Nicolas trailer 288 wheels capacity 350 to 400tons carrying a 350ton transformer. Rear vehicle Pacific P12W3 500hp. Gross combination mass estimated @710ton, train length 120m. 500kms
Rotran Ultra Pacifics. Rotran transformer in the cradle. A rear shot of the Rotran's Pacific trucks.
Rotran Ultra Pacific lead unit. Rotran Pacific rear unit. Ultra Nicolas trailer 12x12 axle with 288 wheels. Capacity 350/400 ton
Two Pacific Ultra's pulling a Nicolas trailer with two reactor sections for SASOL. 1997 Pacific's in action. First and rear unit are Pacific P12W3 (Cummins 500hp). The front units two and three are the Ultra Pacific P12W3 (Cummins 800hp). Ultra Nicolas trailer 80metres long capacity 350/400tons with 12x12 axle modules with 288 wheels. Carrying a 350ton transformer.
This could be the best attempt at trying to capture an abnormal load on the move. Ultra Pacific's three off (1997) after this project the front Pacific seized its engine. Project to move a 340ton transformer from our power station through to Pretoria for repairs. Combination 3 off Ultra Pacific's in the front + Nicolas Ultra 288 wheels 12x12 modules capacity 350 to 400 ton; 80metre long. Rear unit is a MAN 40.700 6x6. Total gross weigh 702tons at 120metres long. Average speed 15km/hr. The actual distance is 120kms by car about an hour. This combination took four days driving 12 hours a day. The Ultra's average 2 miles per gallon

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