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SUPERTRUCK magazine Dennis Almas International

The contract awarded was to move eight 300t transformers across 16 miles in California.

160ft long train Pacific P12W3 600hp 6x6 units originally from Oregon logging operation.

Some pictures again from SUPERTRUCK magazine 1989

Faun 8x8 48ton trucks 19 litre Cummins engines 900bhp

French built Nicolas trailer 20 axles with 160 tires

Combined mass of 450 tons and 100 yards long

Some pictures extracted from a magazine called SUPERTRUCK 1983.

One of the longest heavy hauls in history - two giant Kenworth 993's toiling nearly 400miles in the Spanish sun. It takes 65 people to work out each move, including armed guards, and they're going to do it seven more times.

Testing a 90t dummy load "container with sea water"
Kenworth 993 6x6's 700hp with a Trabosa 18 axle trailer.
Intended to be used to move 365t steam generators for a Nuclear Power Station.

These units are now somewhere in the world Tunisian Power and Light Company. The other has been seen in India. The big question who has photographed them today. There are only three that were built out of the PACCAR factory.

Mammoet Southern Africa
These photos show a 230t x 70m x 5m Stainless Steel 'gassifier tower' destined for SASOL 2/3, Secunda made by DB Thermal. Overall train length 105m and height from the ground 8.1m.
MAN 48.700 (MAN V12 700hp) 8x8's front / rear & Nicolas 9 and 13 axle modules.
Another picture out of China of the NICOLAS Tractomas 760hp tractor with a steam generator.
Some photos of the SASOL Project Turbo 'Orthoflow Converter' made in India and transported inland by Mammoet SA.
44m long x 7.4m wide x 8.3m (9.4 m high on trailer)
Train length including tractors 84m
3 x MAN 48.700 8x8's
NICOLAS 22 axle module weighs empty 76t.

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