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Hendrickson Hulk

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Some information that was on the scanned page about this truck:

Load Capacity: 800 ton cargo

Speed: The 17-mile run takes 12 hours at 3 mph

The Hendrickson Hulk drinks up 20 gallons of diesel an hour in the low gears. Since the engine is not governed down, the onus is on the person at the wheel. Pity them; a 12-hour stint at sleep-inducting speeds is tough work, even on a Bostrom seat.

The return trip in not much easier - 6 mph is the top speed, even unladen, because the trailer is an engineering wonder that's not to be trifled with. The big one would make a millipede envious; no less that 384 hydraulically-sprung wheels paired in bogies and arrayed eight pairs across and 24 rows long, allow the trailer to be steered freely as a drawbar unit....

Here is a picture courtesy of CHURCHILL HYDRO Ms Francis Clarke. The photo shows the Hendrickson 360 dating back to 1970 with a huge French built Nicolas trailer.
These pictures were scanned from an article courtesy from the famous SUPERTRUCK magazine out the UK dating back to 1984. The loaded pictures were taken in Alaska. These units are presently in operation with LAMPSON RIGGING INT in the West coast of USA
Some Hendrickson photos that I received from Thilo Joerke

The data on the Hendrickson 360 (built in 1971) named Hulk 1 & 2 are as follows:

12m long x 4,6m wide
Tyres are MICHELIN XRB 33,25 R35
Henrickson R-2400 Solid Mount Suspension.
Transmission same as the NICOLAS Tractomas / Ultra Pacific CLARK 16281 (8fwd, 4 rev)
Cummins 1710C 700, V12 (700hp/2100rpm)

These LAMPSON HENDRICKSON 360's photos are courtesy of:
Kevin Anderson (Driver at Lampson Crane) & Alan Smith (model builder UK)

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