Day 9
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These shots were taken as we were heading northbound on I-25 towards Denver

This next group of pictures were taken at Don Chew's place, at his open house that we were invited to.
Thank you so much Don for your hospitality and interesting visit.
W500 Desoto truck 1913 Oldmobile T

International R-180

Marmon-Herrington snow plows
Dr Jerry Comkowich parks his Kenworth trucks here when he isn't displaying them at ATHS truck shows
1963 Marmon-Herrington COE
Old White truck 1945 Diamond T Model 509
Lockheed Missiles & Space Company developed the Twister Dragon Wagon. Here is one of them.

1940 Ford 6x6 1937 Marmon-Herrington
Coleman tanker
1945 Ford civilian truck with military steering wheel. Note all the shift levels
FWD with air-cooled diesel engine
1942 Ford panel with Marmon-Herrington running gear
DeliVr-All built by Marmon-Herrington. This van was used as a payroll van.
Dodge Powerwagon Late 30's Ford 4x4 50's Ford 4x4
Rear of a Mack cab made to clear the trailer front Multiple Coleman wheels
Leasor signs from a Navajo truck
This will be a project I want to see completed. A Mack G Model COE with a Navajo drom box on it. And when it's done, it will have all the authentic Navajo signs on it and the Mack will be painted in Navajo colors.
Landing gear from the Timpke trailer
Marmon-Herrington tank Ford COE
Corbitt belonging to the Hays Museum that Don is restoring Corbitt badges that Don has cast for the hood

1930's Kenworth logo GMC logo that Don cast himself Coleman badge that Don cast
Desoto badge Sterling badge that Don cast Diamond T badge that Don cast
Marmon-Herrington display board with picture ads and some history Individual shots of the pictures from the display
More individual shots of the pictures from the display
Individual shots of the pictures from the display
A bit of Marmon-Herrington history from 1961

Some shots taken around Don Chew's shop

Marmon-Herrington truck and Porsche tractor Marmon COE truck Mack truck

Don's Bone Yard
Navajo drom boxes now used for storage Some hard to find 5 hole Alcoa wheels
Ford COE Mack cab with integral sleeper More Mack parts
1917 Grant truck Grant Motor Car serial number plate Republic radiator/grill
1936 Chev truck Northern Pacific Transport logo on this Peterbilt door
Some of Don's P-I-E collection

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