Day 8
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These pictures were taken at the World Arena at Colorado Springs
This was the final day of the truck show and some were packing up and leaving early
1953 Kenworth KCD-825C owned by Jim Doerksen from Marlow, OK 1984 Peterbilt 359 owned by Herbert F. & Susan Fleck from Hull, MA
1967 Ford 859 owned by George Van Dyke from Albany, OR 1973 Kenworth W-900A owned by William Latimer from Lebanon, OR 1970 Peterbilt 359 owned by Brad Van Dyke from Tangent, OR
1963 Kenworth 925 owned by Jason Williams from Lebanon, OR
1927 Chevrolet CAPITAL owned by Charles Mobley from Colorado Springs, CO 1948 Kenworth owned by Ray Bowman from Littleton, CO 1948 International KB-8 owned by Ray Bowman from Littleton, CO
1919 LaFrance owned by the Veteran Motor Car Club of America from Colorado Springs, CO 1941 International KS-6 just purchased at the auction 1947 Mack EHU owned by Paul Graham from Wood River, NE
1971 Ford W-9000 just purchased at the auction 1974 Kenworth W-900 owned by Mike Graham from Grand Island, Maine
Rear view of George Van Dyke's Peterbilt's 1927 International F45C owned by Ron Carey from Calgary, Alberta
1930 International HS104C owned by Ron Carey from Calgary, Alberta
Views of Graham Transortation's 2003 Peterbilt engine
1982 Kenworth W900A owned by Clyde A. & Melody Dawn Green from Cheyenne, WY
1958 Peterbilt model 281, owned by John Hickey Jr. (Hickey Motors), Silverthorne, CO Stage Call Specialized Transportation Freightliner FLD pulling into a parking lot at Colorado Springs Mayflower Freightliner Century taken at Colorado Springs near where the truck show was located
Western Distributing Trans. Corp 1953 Peterbilt leaving the truck show and heading back to Denver 1953 Kenworth/1951 Great Dane owned by Wesley A. Belcher from Berkley Springs, WV leaving the truck show
Stage Call Specialized Transportation Peterbilt 379 parked at a shopping mall at Colorado Springs 1959 Kenworth CD925C, owned by Rick Hendrix Rear view of 1974 Dodge C-9500 owned by Roger "Butch" Schuman from Tye, TX
Multiple shots of the Chrome Shop Mafia's Kenworth
Lineup of Diamond T's 1936 Diamond T 212 bus owned by John Miles from Bloomfield, NM
1937 International D-400 owned by David McMichael from Berthoud, CO
1913 Oldmobile T owned by Don Chew from Brighton, CO
1936 Dodge owned by Ethel Byrne from Broomfield, CO Don Chew posing beside the 1936 Dodge with a mail bag from P-I-E
1967 GMC MH-9500 and a 1079 Fruehauf trailer owned by Nevill G. "Bud" Gaines from Parker, Co
1996 Peterbilt 379 owned by John Kooy from Lynnwood, WA
1955 Kenworth 524 and 1955 Frugh tanker owned by Andrade from San Jose, CA 1965 Peterbilt 281 owned by Andrade from San Jose
1967 Ford 859 owned by George Van Dyke from Albany, OR
1973 Peterbilt 282-ST owned by Dennis Chan from Sacramento, CA That would be me in front of Dennis Chan's 1973 Peterbilt 282-ST

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