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Mayflower Ford CL 9000, one of my all time favorite truck models. Note "EMERGENCY LEASE" lettering on door. Looks like the Mayflower lettering was removed. This truck has a broken headlight, turn signal and window. You know your truck has been sitting a while when a tree is growing through the chassis!
Some trailers on the property that look like they haven't moved in about as long as the CL 9000.
Hogan Mayflower of Indianapolis has some interesting old trucks as of 2012, presumably for P&D.
Ford L8000, Ford Aeromax L9000, and IHC 9800 all shot during 2011.
Hogan Kenworth T600 with a Hapag Lloyd container, Indianapolis, 2012.
This is the building the CL 9000 is parked behind. It looks like time has been frozen for 15-20 years, but the lights were on!
IHC Fleetstar 2010 liftgate straight truck. Madison, Wisconsin 2009.
Freightliner COE running for SLJ Rentals of Arlington Heights, IL. Chicago, IL 2007. Freightliner Coronado at the site of a luxury residential building that had a huge fire during construction. Indianapolis, Indiana 2009.
The Chicago Transit Authority uses these short wheelbase Autocar wreckers to tow buses. Chicago, 2009
Mack R series truck and trailer hauling logs for Reed Trucking in Iowa. Circa 2006. Mack Superliner hauling logs in Iowa. Circa 2006. United Van Lines Pete 362 near Rosemont, IL. Circa 2006.
A rare Hino tractor, Schiller Park, IL. Circa 2006. Ex-Overnite UPS Freight IHC 8100 doing city work in Indianapolis, 2010. Nice Reese Autocar boom truck. Indianapolis, 2010.
FBI Pierce Mobile Command Center in town for the NCAA Final Four tournament. Indianapolis, 2010
Freightliner command vehicle that was parked behind the FBI Pierce
Hawthorn Corp. Peterbilt from Florida at the Indiana State Fairground in 2010.
The sleeper has a temperature control unit on the nose; I have never seen anything like this before!

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