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On September 2, 2002, Consolidated Freightways filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

These next pictures came from the David Feiling Collection. These pictures show the Consolidated Freightways pusher truck that was a fixture on I-80 over Donner Pass since the early 70s.

This was a joint venture with Cal-Trans and CA DOT. This partnership had evolved into a very good joint partnership to keep commerce moving through the heavy winter storms.

At one point CF took care of all cost, this latter changed to the carriers who ran over Donner donated money to a California Trucking Assoc. fund to keep it running.

Without the pusher running trucks didn't go!!

As you can see there is a large device on the front of the tractor to push trucks from the rear, this unit could push , pull, or both to get trucks going.

Paul Martino is one of the regular pusher truck drivers on Donner Pass. Here are some pictures of the CF Pusher in action.
CF rollover at Union Mills on I-80. Paul Martino Collection. Eastbound on Kingvale Grade west of Soda Springs, CA on I-80. Paul Martino Collection.
CF pusher gets a 100,000 pound crane to the top of Donner Summit in 1999. Paul Martino Collection. Bob Baken from Rushway Heavy Hauling in Auburn, CA, standing beside the CF pusher Freightliner. Paul Martino Collection. This was Paul's first tow done in 1990. He had two sets stuck eastbound, below the Rainbow Bridge on I-80. And he had to tow them both up to the bridge where it was flat. Paul Martino Collection.
72 CF Freightliner taken at CalTrans Kingvale in February 1995. Paul Martino Collection.  

I found out the bankruptcy court has the pusher tied up in litagation so the odds of having it for the season are slim and none. Conway is building a pusher as we speak and they hope to have it on Donner by December. I stopped by Rushway Heavy Hauling where the CF is parked and took some picture. These are probably the last ones that will ever be taken. Paul Martino Collection.

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