MY TRIBUTE TO CF - March 18, 1996

Consolidated Freightways 1966...things were different then.
If you went there to work, you worked with men.
We all worked hard to keep our jobs.
There were some that didn't understand
That this job was just for working men,
But we soon were rid of them.
We worked twelve hour shifts and thought it was a gift,
From six in the evening to six in the morning were my hours.
If I did that five days a week
I would take home two hundred dollars, mine to keep.
It wasn't much for all of the hours,
But you could buy a pitcher of beer for just a dollar.
We used to stop after work to have a few
And shoot some pool, I used to think it was pretty cool.
No matter how long we would stay and play
We would always make work the next day.
CF was the place to be even then - it was in the top ten.
We didn't have "rights" to all of the states,
But CF was determined to open all of the gates.
In those days there were closed states,
You could drive through - but you couldn't stop and deliver freight.
We would have to interline it and the customers would have to wait.
I'm still working with some of the same men
That I started with way back then.
These were the men that worked hard
To keep and preserve this job.
All of the military bases were open then.
We would pick up and deliver everything from missiles to boots and guns.
I think we all sort of had fun, staying up half the night just to get it done.
When the seventies came we were still all game.
The company was growing at leaps and bounds
And we were there to keep it sound.
CF was buying companies to get their rights.
Before we knew it we were "in tight"!
I had a feeling then, that it would never end.
Even though we've had our ups and downs
I know the company will always be around.

Steve DeFrancesco
Mira Loma CA USA