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On September 2, 2002, Consolidated Freightways filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

CF Tank Lines rig. This shows the newer paint scheme. Ken Goudy Collection. CF International tractor. A rather rare site to see. Ken Goudy Collection.
Consolidated Freightways Freightliner taken in 1975 in Pennsylvania. The hookup is interesting as it is a long wheel based tractor with the fifth wheel being slid right up to the cab. At the time this was the way that CF could run doubles in the state of Pennsylvania. In this way the truck would run as a straight truck pulling a pup trailer. Robert Archer Collection.
Comments by Paul Kane:
Back before Pennsylvania allowed doubles, I think It was the Motor Carrier Act of 1983 that permitted them nationwide, CF ran shuttle tractors along about a 60 mile stretch of I-90 thru Erie, PA that had a big weight over the rear axle in the fifth wheel location. They would pull the rear pup of a set of doubles with the converter dollys still attached between Ohio and the New York Thruway. I guess there was some sort of pintel hook on the back of the tractor. I was rarely up that way back then, I do rememeber seeing them at night once or twice. Any pictures of this setup would be an interesting addition to the CF tribute if anyone has any.

Those "Pennsylvania Doubles" that there are a few pictures of on the site were also called "Mickey Mouse" rigs, for obvious reasons. I think ATHS did a story on those a few years back. Mike Parkhurst used to have a field day with those back in the old Overdrive Magazine days (the "real" Overdrive).
Thank you Mike Fleming for these pictures to see what the "Pennsylvania Doubles" tractors with the weight over the drive axles.
Here are the two pictures that I have of those units. Can’t remember the drivers name but he was based out of Erie, Pa. They had several drivers out of Erie that pulled rear pups across Pa. constantly. Mike Fleming Collection. CF sign taken at night
Mike Fleming Collection

You may download any image for personal or non-commercial use only.

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