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The following pictures are from the collection of Robert Archer
GO Transit MCI coach taken at Brampton, Ontario. From the Robert Archer Collection. GO Transit Orion coach. Robert Archer Collection. GO Transit MCI coach 2129 is seen at the new commuter depot near Toronto's Union Station September 10,2002. Robert Archer Collection.
Mississauga Transit 9777. This is a New Flyer Articulated bus shot in March 2002. Robert Archer Collection. Mississauga Transit 9725. This is an Orian bus shot in March 2002. Robert Archer Collection. PMCL is a large bus operator in Ontario. They run scheduled, charter and airport services. Here are two units seen at their Toronto yard in January 2002. Robert Archer Collection.
Brampton Transit Orion April 2002. Robert Archer Collection. This double decker tourist bus was at the OMCL terminal in April 2002. Robert Archer Collection. This coach from AMARAL in its Stars-N-Stripes livery was parked near Skydome. Robert Archer Collection.
The train no longer stops at the Gravenhurst Ontario station, but Ontario Northland buses do. The passengers on number 891, Toronto to North Bay, are taking a short break. August 1997. Robert Archer Collection. Ontario Northland coach 876 sits at the station in Cochrane Ont. This is where passengers travelling further north to James Bay must change to ONR trains "Little Bear" or the "Polar Bear Express." Robert Archer Collection. Shortly after the game, this MCI from KENT STATE UNIVERSITY was unloading passengers at the Royal York Hotel. Robert Archer Collection.
Here is a TTC CRLV Articulated Streetcar wrapped in an advertisement for the new James Bond movie "Die Another Day" taken the day before the movie opened at the Long Branch Loop in southwestern Toronto. The is the furthest west streetcars travel in Toronto. Robert Archer Collection. Here is a Greyhound (Canada) taken in Mississauga May 2003 Here is a Prevost coach from Hammond Transportation of Bracebridge Ont. on a Christmas Shopping Special to Dixie Value Mall in Mississauga. December 2003.
This MCI from AYR COACHLINES of Cambridge Ont. was seen in Hamilton Ont in August 2004 Here is a Prevost from AUTOCAR EXCELLENCE of Levis QB; chartered to New Brunswick Tourism. Picture taken in Oakville ON, May 15 2005 Here is a MCI coach from GO Transit taken in Oakville Ont May 15 2005
GTA Crew Services - This Prevost was spotted in westend Toronto in July 2005 La Quebecoise - This brightly painted Prevost was in westend Toronto in July 2005 Here is a Greyhound QUIKLINK commuter bus near Paris ON 7/29/05
This WNY COACH USA charter bus was parked in Port Dover ON 7/30/05 This bus was chartered for use in the Canadian election campaign. - 2004 Charter coach from Denny's Bus Lines based in Acton Ont. - November 2005
GO Transit coach seen leaving the Streetsville GO station - June 2003 TTC 6060 is a FLYER Model D901 built in 1985. It is seen on The West Mall in Toronto in 2003 TRIPMATE TOURS coach is leaving on a trip to Casino Niagara - 2003
The red doubledecker ROUTEMASTER bus has been a symbol of London Engalnd since the 1960's. In 2006, these buses will be retired in favour of a fleet that will be safer and more accessible. Routemasters are collected by people all over the world; these two were displayed in Brampton Ontario at the GREAT BRITISH TRAIN SHOW in various years.
Routemaster coach on display.
Robert Archer Collection.
Bristol Lodekka on display.
Robert Archer Collection.
Here is a Ford Mini bus from Gray Line Tours of Toronto; seen in Toronto on December 27/05 The TTC uses this Ford mini bus in their WHEEL-TRANS system for disabled passengers. - January 2006 COACH CANADA (Erie Coach Lines) chartered this MCI to the Windsor Lancers hockey club. Toronto, March 2005
MCI from GINO's Bus Lines of Ingersoll ON A Prevost from Nichols 5 Star Charters from Wisconsin was visiting Toronto- April 2006 This MCI from FARR'S Coach Lines based in Dunnville Ontario was on a shopper's special in Toronto. May 2006
Prevost from MAXIMA Tours of Hamilton ON Prevost from PACIFIC WESTERN (TORONTO) of Mississauga MCI from WILLS Bus Lines of Binbrook ON
This coach from Evans Tours of Charlotte NC was on supper break in Toronto - June 2006 This PACIFIC WESTERN Prevost was seen in Toronto - June 2006 Minitour Ford from AYR COACH LINES of Cambridge ON
Here is a Prevost from GREAT CANADIAN COACHES based in Kitchener ON; seen in Mississauga - September 2006 This MCI from Trentway-Wager Coachlines was at a shopping mall in February 2007. It hadn't been repainted into Coach Canada colours.
Buses from three transit systems stop at the Burlington (Ontario) Transit Mall.

and neighbouring cities...
Hamilton Oakville
Here is a coach from CHERREY BUS LINES INC of Drayton Ontario. October 2007 This Bluebird coach from G& Transportation of Holtyre ON was parked by our hotel in Orillia ON - October 2007 This COACH CANADA charter bus was loading passengers and baggage at a Niagara Falls hotel - May 2008
A 57 passenger MCI from Gentry Trailways of Knoxville TN was in Mississauga - July 2008 This is GO Transit's latest aquisition. It is a 78 passenger ENVIRO 500 double decker bus built in the UK by Alexander Dennis Ltd. GO will have 22 on it's roster. Parkinson Coach Lines is a charter/ tour bus operator based in Brampton ON. This is a view of their terminal - October 2008
The sign on the back of this Coach Canada bus touts the "green" advantages of traveling by bus. - Highway 401 Sptember 2008 This Mississauga Transit articulated New Flyer bus is from the Y2008 buying class. - October 2008 Here is an Oakville Transit New Flyer on a rainy November 2008 day.
Greyhound coach in Orillia ON - April 2009 This Prevost from Leduc Bus Lines of Rockland Ontario carried a load of worshippers for the ORTHODOX Good Friday - April 17 2009. Ontario Northland coach 5073 leaves the Orillia bus depot on it's run to North Bay - April 2009
This coach from Tisdale Bus Lines of South Porcupine Ontario was sitting at the Husky 410 Truck Stop - June 2009 This Prevost from Greyhound Lines is making a flag stop in Mississauga on it's journey to New York City. Wearing Greyhound's latest livery, the deluxe coach is trying to win passengers on the highly competitive Toronto - NYC lane. September 5 2009.
These pictures were taken at the Toronto Coach Terminal - September 2009
The Mega Bus Van Hool is loading in preparation for it's overnight run to New York City. The Greyhound bus to Ottawa loads it's passengers in Lane 7. It is hauling a trailer for the express packages. Two Greyhounds and a Coach Canada are at the front of the Elizabeth Street Arrivals Terminal.

NIAGARA FALLS Ontario is a "destination" and a bus spotters hotspot.
A weeknd trip in October 2009 yielded the following
This is the Niagara Transit Commision garage,
two buses are parked in front.
A "Green Line" bus heads up BRIDGE STREET
to the garage.
A Coach Canada bus cautiously manouvers around construction near the Whirlpool (Lower arches) Bridge to the USA.
A Vanhool from L'autobus Sagamie follows the Coach Canada through the work zone.

Stop at the FLORAL CLOCK near Queenston
Stopping at the Floral Clock near Queenston, we found... one of the Niagara Parks Commision's People Movers, and a small Gray Line tour bus
The town of Niagara On The Lake, located where the Niagara River pours into Lake Ontario, was busy with tourists.
We saw two buses charters from Toronto based Pacific Western
and a transplanted British double decker that runs tours of the Niagara region.
The next morning the charter coaches were stirring early.
A VanHool from a company called TRAVEL BY BUS! was loading outside a hotel. An MCI from Magnificant Tours was headed to the SKYLON tower. Two VanHools from STOUT'S were still parked.
A Vanhool from DATTCO turned onto Ferry Street. A Prevost from L' Autobus Maheux from northern Quebec had just dropped a group off for breakfast.
Here is some of the activity seen near the TORONTO COACH TERMINAL on a Saturday afternoon in July 2011.
This is the Toronto Coach Terminal built in the 1930's at Bay and Dundas Streets. Here is a VanHool from Megabus - it will load for a trip to Montreal.
Greyhound is the primary carrier - MCI 6428 turns down Edward Street Greyhound MCI 8003 sits nearby.
Ontario Northland pulls into the the Departure Shed to load passengers for the afternoon North Bay Express. A chartered Prevost from Sangamie parked near the terminal. This coach wrapped for Cirque Du Soleil Quidam was parked at Sherway Gardens Mall in Toronto - December 2011.
While visiting downtown Toronto on Civic Holiday Monday 2012 I noticed several tour buses on the streets. They are old English double deckers with a garish paint job, a PA system and the top deck open to the air. The Guide describes the sights to the passengers. City Sightseeing Toronto has a newer open deck bus; seen October 2015.

GO Transit operates a large number of double deck coaches built by Alexander Dennis. Here we see Unit 8136 on a route between Mississauga and Kitchener.

A Vanhool from GVC Transportation of Brooklyn NY is seen at the Ripley's Aquarium in downtown Toronto - October 2014. MEGABUS Vanhool passes through a forest of newly constructed high rise buildings on York Street in downtown Toronto - October 2014.
This Van Hool is operated by Grace Transportation of Bladensburg MD. It was parked at a hotel in Mississauga. August 2015.  

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