Yellowstone National Park Buses

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The following pictures are from my collection of bus pictures. These were taken at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park in June 2003. Only one of the buses has the Yellowstone National Park logo on the side. The others all have Alaska licence plates and Skagway Street Car Company logos.

Thank you to Gayla Hites, Owner Skagway Street Car Company, Skagway Alaska, for the information on these buses:
The buses with the Skagway Street Car Company lettering were all purchased from private collectors from 1987-1994. They were used by the Skagway Street Car Company in Skagway Alaska for sightseeing from 1987-2001. In October of 2001 they were all sold to Yellowstone National Park. Amazingly, all buses serial numbers were checked and they were all delivered new to Yellowstone back in 1936-37 and used for sightseeing in the Park back then. Thanks for wondering how they got there. It is great they are "home" again.

This MCI MC5b was also parked at the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park and are used daily for tours into the park. Some tour buses at the Yellowstone Inn right near Old Faithful.

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