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In May 2008 we went on a trip to Italy and then on a 12 day Mediterrenean Cruise. Here are some bus pictures that were taken during that vacation.

Our time at Naples was spent on a tour bus. We drove through the city of Naples and made our way to the Amalfi Coast roadway. If you want an interesting drive, this is the place to go. I don't recommend driving it yourself though. Our tour guide told us there are 2,000 curves on the route. And let me tell you, some of those curves doesn't allow enough room for two cars to meet. We were in a tour bus and you need every inch of the entire road to made the turns. The scenery is breath-taking and should be enjoyed from the comfort of a tour bus.

Here is the beginning of our trip along the Amalfi Coast. Here the road looks nice and wide, but still you need to be careful when you meet another bus.
Here we are in the town of Amalfi. Here is a tour bus just leaving the area reserved for tour buses. That tunnel is the "main drag." That is the Amalfi Coast road there. You can see how much clearance there is when that bus goes through there. Don't forget there is also traffic coming from the other direction too. Keep your eyes open WIDE!!
These two pictures need a bit of explanation. You can see how curvy the road got here. Well the traffic coming in the opposite direction was blocked because our tour bus was taking the needed road to make the corners without hitting a building. So as a result the cars couldn't get past the back corner of the bus. But those scooter and motorcycles could. So they are all going through the area behind and around the bus. So if there might have been any room to get around the bus, the scooters took it and so the cars couldn't get around the bus. We sat here for a while waiting for the cars to back up enough so the bus could get around them. Well we managed to get around some of the cars and around that first curve.

Now look at the second picture. The local bus for Amalfi was in that lineup of cars. So he did what most other drivers do along that route. He tried to go around them. Well he sees our bus and then stops dead in his tracks. So he decides to back up and get back into his own lane so that our bus could continue. It was really an interesting time along the Amalfi Coast.

The tour buses lined up at the dock where our cruise ship landed Our tour bus stopped for a photo shoot with a great view of the coast line of Dubrovnik
There sure wasn't a lot of room to get around vehicles on this road. It was close for those two buses meeting like that. But not nearly as bad as it was on the Amalfi Coast.

This was our tour bus. I got to sit up front on the top level, so the view was great.

Tour buses lined up when our cruise ship docked at Athens A tour bus similar to the one we were in at Athens Neoplan tour bus taken at Athens
This was our tour bus. I took these pictures while we stopped for lunch at the Kalamaki Beach Hotel near Corinth.
Our Setra tour bus parked with another similar bus MAN tour bus

Tour buses lined up at the cruise ship dock A couple of Mercedes Benz tour buses

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