Ross Burnham Collection

Ross Burnham Truck Collection

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Freightliner cabover owned and operated by Conrad Thiessen, who drives for Bakers Trucking. Taken at the Fergus Truck Show in 2000. Bill Baker owns this Peterbilt. The photo was taken at the Fergus Truck Show in 2000. Texis Transport show truck taken at Truckworld 2000.
Tom Andrews, out of Stroud, Ontario, owns and operates this 1998 Volvo 770. Beyond Obsession is owned by Roger and Heather Hogeland. The truck is a 1999 Kenworth W900. The picture were taken at Louisville in 2000.
Big Willy is owned by Thomas A. Smith. The truck is a 1990 Peterbilt with a 144 inch double eagle sleeper. This picture was taken at Louisville in 2000 with his new look. This picture of Big Willy was taken at Louisville in 1997 before the restoration took place. Scott Ferguson, from Thorton, Ontario, owned this 1996 Western Star.
Skyliner Transport 2001 Sterling. Bryan Swartz owns this 2000 Peterbilt and trailer. He has won many awards with it and is on the Shell Super Rigs calendar this year (2001). Ross took this picture at Louisville in 2000. This picture of Bryan's 2000 Peterbilt was taken at the Dallas Pike in 2000.
Clearance Falk owns CPF Trucking, our of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is his flagship truck. It is a 1999 Peterbilt with a 1999 Great Dane trailer. The pictures were taken at Truckworld 2000 in Toronto, Ontario. Keystone Jr. is owned by Derian Stephens. The truck is a 1995 Freightliner Classic XL. He has won many awards in the last couple of years, at many truck shows in the USA. This picture was taken at Louisville 2000.
Chris Necoloff owns these 2000 and 2001 Sterlings. Chris if from Barrie, Ontario. Bob and Nancy Drummond own Ain't God Good and they have won many shows with this combination.
CJ Bark Haulers is owned by Buddy Smith and this 1997 Kenworth W900 is driven by Alfred Smith. The picture was taken at Louisville 2000. Hill Transport custom Kenworth W900.
Harvey and Karen Zander own Icy Blue, a 1996 Freightliner Classic. This picture, taken in the mountains, was taken by Karen Zander. This picture of Icy Blue was taken by Ross at Louisville96 before the painting were done. Jeff Proccee owns and operateds this 1998 Western Star out of Barrie, Ontario.
Jim Kelly owns and operates Karlea Transprt, out of Stroud, Ontario, and this is his 2000 Western Star. This is John Manely's John Deere Peterbilt. The picture was taken at Louisville97. John Campeseo is from Mississauga, Ontario. Here is his 1978 Freightliner cabover.

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