Truck Show June 17, 2000 Collection

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The following pictures came from a truck show that Bill McCullough attended on June 17, 2000.
Here is a Mack model B42.
Mack model B73.
Mack B Series.
Peterbilt owned by John Hickey.
Here are two pictures of a 1954 Kenworth.
1949 Peterbilt.
1929 Jarret truck.
This 1919 Autocar is owned by Don Chew.
Here are four Diamond T trucks lined up. Models and years are unknown. These are owned by Richard Ausmus.
Diamond T model 921 DFN.
Diamond T the year could be around 1947.
Late 30's or early 40's GMC tanker
Here is a picture of a Freightliner tanker painted up as a Pacific Intermountain Express tanker.
The GMC tanker and the Freightliner tanker are owned by Bill Comcowich of Aspen, Colorado.
Here are three views of a Mack model W71 owned by Bill Comcowich of Aspen, Colorado.
Here is fire truck seen at the truck show. The make and year are unknown.
Here are two pictures of a 1951 L Model Mack which were taken at the truck show.
Here is a Diamond T that is around a 1933 or 1934.
Here is a 1922 White.
Here is a 1963 Kenworth pulling a fifth-wheel travel trailer.
Here is a 1947 Dodge cabover.
Here is a mid-40's Federal dump truck.
Here is an International grain truck from the truck show.
Here is a Model A Ford.
Here is a panorama view taken at the truck show.
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Here is a Dodge truck from about 1937.
This truck is unknown to me. Here is a 1966 Diamond T cabover which belongs to Richard Ausmus.
The truck in the center is a 1919 Nash, the left truck is a Studebaker.
Here are two pictures of a Ford Model C which belongs to Colorado Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell.

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