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These pictures were taken of a 1953 Peterbilt belonging to Dino Guadagni. The entire Western Distributing Transport Inc. fleet looks as fine as this Peterbilt, but the others are newer. The far right photo shows the interior of the '53 Peterbilt.
This 1958 Peterbilt was bought as a tractor in 1983 for $5000.
This Peterbilt was captured in Denver in the mid 70's.
The sign on this Peterbilt says Ashworth. This photo taken in Denver in the mid 70's.
Peterbilt 352
Allied Van Lines Peterbilt.
Grover Trucking Peterbilt
1977 Peterbilt 352
1977 Peterbilt 352H
1981 Peterbilt 362
This Peterbilt with a Mercury sleeper, pulled for Curtis out of Denver, CO. This picture was taken around 1977.
This Peterbilt with another Mercury sleeper was pulling a Digby's Golden Arrow Route trailer on I-25 in 1975.
Early 70's Peterbilt model 359 pulling a flatbed trailer.
This Peterbilt hauled for Curtis, and was taken in 1977.
Nice looking early 70's Peterbilt model 359.
Peterbilt taken at a truck wash in Denver, CO in 1981.
Peterbilt tanker taken at Union 76 in Denver, CO in the mid 1970's.
Peterbilt was taken at the Union 76 in Denver, CO in the mid 70's.
Peterbilt with a Mercury sleeper was taken in Denver, CO in the mid 1970's.
Peterbilt with a grain trailer at Tomahawk Truckstop in Brighton, CO.
This pink Peterbilt mixer was taken in San Francisco by Bill's Dad.
Here is a dream truck of Bill's. I hope this dream comes true!

This Peterbilt was taken at Denver Peterbilt in 1977.

This truck was featured in the 1978 Peterbilt factory brochure "Rest with Class." The truck was a custom built unit, built by the design/engineering staff at Newark. The sleeper is the first 63" built, and was all hand-fabricated. Note that the right side sleeper door has "suicide" hinges.. This feature only lasted on a couple of sleepers.

The truck was built with the then-rare option of the long hood for a 127" BBC, plus the 63" sleeper.. the designers/engineers dubbed the truck "Big MaMoo."

Big MaMoo was also the first truck with the 4 rectangular headlights. They were removed after the photo shoot, and normal round lights installed. Rectangular lights became an option in 80.

Big MaMoo also was one of the 1st (if not the first) with the rounded dash. Some call it "Corvette dash." No Chevy influence here, the designer was inspired by the cockpit of an antique airplane.

Here is another view of the same truck.

Thanks to Tim Alhborn for this information.

Western Distributing's 1953 Pete with a 600hp Cat and 5x4 boxes,the sleeper is equipped with a sofa that folds out, TV/VCR, refrigerator, a bar and oak cabinetry. The dash is Rosewood. The photos were taken on June 15, 2002 at the ATHS show in Greeley, CO. This fine looking Pete is used daily as a work truck.

One of Western Distributors newer Peterbilt tractors.

2003 Pete belonging to P&D Curtis, Ent. Inc. taken in Northglenn, CO. in April 2003.

Noble & Pitts Peterbilt called Style-N-Grace taken at the TA in Commerce City, CO in August 2003

A great looking Peterbilt cabover owned by Danny Shimizu of Salt Lake City, UT. Taken in June 2004 at a truck show in Colorado.

FFE Recruiter Truck Westminster, Colorado September 2004

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