Freightliner Truck Collection

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Here is an Empire Warehouse, Inc. tractor, a really great looking "Bubblenose" Freightliner.
These Freightliner conventionals were taken at the Freightliner dealership in Commerce City, CO.
Freightliner Powerliner, owner unknown.
This fancy looking Freightliner Powerliner was owned by Ullmann.
This Freightliner Powerliner was taken at the Freightliner dealer in Commerce City,CO.
This Freightliner Powerliner was taken at the Union 76 in Denver, CO.
Freightliner cabover pulling a reefer trailer.
Freightliner, on the left, belonging to Monfort of Colorado, and an International Conco.
Wycoff Freightliner drom travelling down I-25 in Northglenn, CO.

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