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'Little Diesel' 'Big Blue Diesel' CSX Transportation International Hi-Rail maintenance truck
Double-stack intermodal with Allied Van Lines container and CSX Transportation container A group of Union Pacific Sterling trucks Taken 7/26/06 Salem, IL. CSX Ballast train Taken 9/25/06 at the old Penn-Central Yards in Indy.
Ringling Brothers - Barnum & Bailey Circus train taken 9/18/06 Indy, IN at the CSX yards.
Taken during A February 2007 snowstorm in central Illinois. We were thawing out a switch so a train could cross over and continue south.
This is a jet-powered snow blower used by CSX R/R in Cincinnati, Ohio
Taken 6/11/08; Lemont, IL. A train loaded with John Deere combines passed us heading into Chicago. Taken 6/11/08 Lemont, IL. BNSF tracks. An east bound John Deere train going into Chicago.
A CSX train rolling south in Kentucky This is a CSX Track Inspector truck The interior of the tie handler
CSX puchased a couple of new tie handlers for the Indianapolis area. Taken 6/15/08 A car-knocker truck. Taken 6/15/08 near West Chicago. A couple of different styles of BNSF engines.
Taken 6/15/08 at the BNSF Eola yard near Chicago. These older pre-BNSF M.O.W. and Car-Knocker trucks are still in use. Taken 6/15/08 at the BNSF Eola yard near West Chicago. Taken 6/21/08 Tuscola, IL. A CSX R/R bridge boom truck.
Taken 6/23/08; Aurora, IL. A BNSF R/R rail truck Taken 7/29/08; Kankakee, IL. An Illinois Central train rolling north.
Taken 08/06/08; An Amtrak sleeper train rolling north. A northbound Amtrak at the Norfolk Southern/Canadian National crossing diamond. The rear of the Amtrak rolling north through Tolono, IL.
A vintage NS passenger car. A view from the inside. The vintage car has been updated with modern seats. There is a monitor for viewing what's in front of the engine. A close up of the NS passenger car bearing its name.
This was the "Operation Lifesaver" train in Decatur, IL. Taken in Decatur, IL. Norfolk & Southern engine with passenger. These cabooses were setting in a lot in Decatur, IL.
Some old cabooses in Decatur, IL. Some more cabooses in Decatur, IL. Taken in Decatur, IL. A couple of old Norfolk & Western boxcars.
Taken 08/14/08 Champaign, IL. A Kansas City Southern engine at the Canadian National / Illinois Central Yards. Taken 09/19/08. This is a pretty long bridge. We're on the Kentucky side getting ready to cross into Illinois. Taken 09/19/08 going across the Ohio river on the BNSF bridge into Metropolis, IL.
This is a good picture showing the Illinois Central station. Taken 10/24/08, Mattoon, IL. Northbound AMTRAK on the Illinois Central/ CN tracks. Taken 10/24/08; Mattoon, IL. AMTRAK heading to Chicago.
Another shot of this impressive machine. It can plow a lot of snow and move a lot of rock and dirt. Taken 09/24/08, Mt. Pulaski, IL. This is a Jordan Spreader belonging to the CN/ Illinois Central railroad.
This is a view from the topside of the Jordan Spreader. The blades fold down and out and are used to plow snow, grade banks and ditches. Taken 9/24/08; Mt. Pulaski, IL. This is a picture from the inside of a Jordan Spreader belonging to the CN/IC R/R.
Taken 11/13/08 Champaign, IL.
The Canadian National is putting a rebuild crossing diamond at the CN / IC and Norfolk & Southern crossing.
Taken 11/24/08 Danville, IL. This a a CSX rail inspection car.
Taken 07/28/08; London, England. You can see a train or two from here. Taken 09/19/08 in Kentucky. Kudzu is tough to control.
This vintage AMTRAK engine and a couple of cars are at a junkyard in southern Indiana. Rail grinders are about as long as a "local" train would be.
The flaps are to prevent sparks. It's pretty neat to watch a rail grinder at night. This is also part of the rail grinder outfit. Taken 1/19/09; This part of a rail grinder outfit parked in Danville, IL
Taken 1/28/09; An NS train passes by running on the old Monon route through Crawfordsville, IN. This was taken 2/10/09. The north yards of CSX in Lafayette, IN. Taken 02/10/09; the middle yards at CSX's (former Monon) yards in Lafayette, IN.
Taken 3/17/09 at the CSX REDI training center in Atlanta, GA. Taken 4/6/09 at the Monon/CSX yards in Lafayette, IN. A rail gang is installing new rail and a welding unit is welding the joints. This machine is helping install the new rail.
I took these on April 23, 2009 while riding the rails on the old Monon line. This rental truck is used to help in inspecing bridges on CSX R/R.
This circus train was passing through Lafayette, IN on its way to Indianapolis, IN.

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