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Some comments from Bob Thompson:

Kindersley Transport is a big big outfit now but when I started driving for him, he only had four road tractors. Unit #45 Freightliner was my truck. It had a 220 Cummins and a 5&4 Auxillary transmission that could make a lot of men cry in frustration. I guess thats why they invented the 13 speed.

Oh by the way, #45 was the first road tractor Kindersley Transport ever had when the Co. was formed in 1962.

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I965 White 4400-Pups Kerrobert SK. 1969 Unit #53 getting bud wheel removed at Perdue, SK. 1969 I965 B-61 Mack Kindersley Transport Unit No. 52
Interior of Unit # 45 driven by Bob Thompson Unit No. 45 - Pups Springwater SK. 1970
Unit No. 45 Left side view Unit #45 hauling potatoes. Overweight maybe? Unit #45 - Pups Bob's Favorite
Kindersley Unit #45 Freightliner
Interior view of Kindersley Transport - Unit # 52. Taken in 1969 Interior view of 1965 4400 White, Unit No. 53, taken in 1967 Looks a little overweight for a single axle doesn't it? Kindersley 1969
My future wife Lil along for the ride in 1971 Unit No.53 - Pups Kerrobert Sask. in 1967
Kindersley Transport Ltd Unit # 224 For Sale Year 2000 At the Parade 1965 Kenworth Unit#73 taken in 1973
Gordie's Volvo Oh Boy will Erwin have a twister Coleville 1971 Oh it's going to be a bad day!
1968 Ford F-850 Super Duty
Old International Boot in the truck boneyard. 2000 Old No.54 White 7000 after a hard life. At one time it was the pride of the fleet. Old B -61 -IHC DCO - White 7000 in the Boneyard after a lot of miles. 1980.
Kindersley Transport Show Truck 1955 B-42 Mack. Supposedly Erwin Siemens' truck that he learned to drive on. Old #45 transferring freight from truck to truck in Luseland SK in the middle of the street. 1970. Old #73 Kenworth at the end of the road.
My son Jason standing in front of old #73 A cold morning in Rosetown Sask. 1970 Kindersley Transport Unit # 64 resting after a hard life.
Kindersley Transport Unit # 115 For Sale Kindersley Transport Today Kindersley Transport Unit # 45 at the Children's Parade in 1970
Same Parade KTL Kenworth VIT. Only one they had No No No I'm not going back to Taber. I'm going home or I'm going to quit!
KTL. Unit # 53 and Brown trailer at Perdue Sk. in 1967 My Favorite B-61 Mack Kerrobert Sk. 1969 KTL Unit # 53 after been washed of prairie clay 1967
Unit # 45 & Pups at Springwater Jct. in 1970 KTL # 73 Kenworth at Childrens Day Parade in Saskatoon 1974 Old Kindersley Transport terminal in Kindersley Sk. It's torn down now
KTL Unit # 45 Parked in front of Saskatoon Terminal 1970 Erwin Siemens Baby Mack Notice the side of the lead pup. Its shiny. That's where the muffler wet through the trailer when i jack knifed in 1971 First trip out after repairs and a new paint job - 1971.
Kindersley Transport Kenworth VIT Kindersley Transport Kenworth VIT-Side View Kindersley Transport Unit #53 Truck was run off bridge at Macklin SK when it was 2 weeks old. It was a total loss. It was totally rebuilt in Saskatoon shop and then ran for five years in Saskatchewan and Alberta. It was then traded off and was again totalled off in a collision with a suicide driver at Hague Sk. It was then scrapped for parts.
Kindersley Transport Show Truck rear View. Kindersley Transport Show Truck Leased Pete on Kindersley Transport.
KTL Unit #45 Preparing for the Childrens Day Parade - 1970 I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm a Star today The young man in the co pilots seat is Doug Siemens. He is now The General Manager of the Best Damn trucking company in Canada, Year 1971
K.T.L. Unit # 45 leading the Parade - 1971 Year 1973. It had to be K.T.L. #73's turn tbe the Star for a day Gord Litzgus's Volvo at Grasswood Esso - 1990
What do you mean I'm too old? Hauling Pups on a Beautiful Saturday morning - 1970 Rolling along.. - 1970
Look Ma No Mudflaps! Bob Thompson with friend Ken Scheer taken before Children's Day Parade - 1970 " The Magnificient Seven "
Edge Freightliner - Old Alltrans end of the road " Captain Larry " - Oct 1986 - " Does this thing really fly Erwin" ? " Co -Pilot " Gordie - Oct. 1986 - Favorite Saying, " Co -Pilot To Captain "
Larry Cross's Freightliner leaving the scale. 1999 Western Star, Larry's present truck - Kindersley Transport 2003 Just another photo of a old friend.
K.T.L. # 45 in the junk row....
The real K.T.L. show truck in my opinion should have been K.T.L. Unit No. 45 " Old Bertha " The Freightliner single axle was the first road tractor that K.T.L. purchased when the company was formed in 1962. It started its life running between Saskatoon and Calgary, Lethbridge, Taber, Vauxhall and the odd trip to B.C. In later years it ran mostly in Saskatchewan running general freight between Saskatoon and Kindersley. I hauled Erwen,s brother Peter Siemens furniture from Rochester where he was training at the Mayo. Clinic. One more brain surgeon for Canada. It never left me stranded once and made me hitch a ride home and for all this faithful service it ended up being scrapped. FOR SHAME ERWEN! Yes if there was a real K.T.L. Show Truck

K.TL. Unit No. 45 Freightliner
Was it

" May " 45 Rest in Peace "

The Kindersley Transport Show Truck
Leading the Parade Hauling Kindersley groceries on Noon load 1969 Several people have E-mailed wondering why the B -42 is the Kindersley Transport Show Truck. Good Question! While i worked for K.T.L. these old B-42's were old Siemens Transport trucks.They were equipped with Perkins diesels and wouldn't pull the hat off your head therefore all they were used for was city switch tractors. They were far from being the legendary B-61. We had one of them only. It was No. 52 and would have made a great show truck but it met its fate going over a road approach in 1972. Remember that Gordie !
K.T.L. Unit No. 45 with Pups New Kenworth W-900L decalled up and ready to roll K.T.L. # 45 leading The Childrens Day Parade in 1970

Bob Wiebe - first KTL leased operator 1963

I had a 1962 White Mustang when I started with KTL and I traded it in on a 44 White Diesel which KTL had traded in. It was painted yellow & maroon but my father in law thought it needed a white stripe under the windows and along the hood. He owned a body shop so that became company colours. My run was from Saskatoon to Kerrobert and all the towns thru to Macklin & Provost. On the way home I went in to Kelfield , Ruthilda, and Springwater. I did this run Tues to Sat. Everyday leaving the shop at 4.30 A.M. And then going to Intercon to load meat. I was in Kerrobert by 7.30 A.M . Everyday unloading and picking up backhaul and I was usually home by 7 to 10 P.M. In summer and fall Erwen would line up salt from Unity for my backhaul to Kindersley or Saskatoon. Those days were long and I would get in and sleep in the truck at the shop. First guys at the shop the next morning would bang on the door and it was time to go again. I did this run till the fall of 66 and it was very hard to keep driving. I quit and went moving buildings to catch up on my sleep and rest. It took about a year to catch up. Back then I was paid 19 cents a hour to be a leased operator and 8 dollars a day unloading. And the guys today think they got it rough!

Bob Wiebe

Vince Keindel's 1964 Kenworh 6V-71 GMC 12 Speed Spicer. The first Kenworth I saw with two stacks in the 60's. Will need a wheel alignment i think! Didn't even bend the air cleaner
In 1966 Vince Keindel bought this Kenworth and leased it to Canadian National Railway drove it on the Prudhomme run. In July 1969 he had a driver on it who drove into Bethume Sk. The Kenworth was one of the first in Saskatchewan with a 6V-71 GM& 12 Speed Spicer. The driver was on the railroad tracks & missed a gear. He panicked because the Railliner that ran between Regina and Saskatoon was in view.He was a sitting duck as the train sliced into the front of the Kenworth. It sheared off the tractor just in front of the firewall but it did not break the windshields but it destroyed everything in front of them.The Kenworth was totalled but Vince and the Thiessen Brothers bought it back and after installing new frame rails and a new 250 Cummins & a 13 speed it was leased back to CNR running Eston Saskatchewan. That's where I met Vince. He drove the Eston run from 1969 to 1975. I was always chasing him down the highway but could never catch him. One Saturday I caught up to him in Rosetown and had coffee and told him his time had come. I told him I was going to beat him to Saskatoon. I was driving a big power Freightliner but the only bad thing was I was hauling 60 foot rebar and that is dangerous stuff. Well I caught up to him near Harris, Saskatchewan, but just as I was passing him, a deer jumped out in front of Vince's truck and he slammed on his brakes. Seeing this Ii did the same thing not thinking about the rebar. You shouldn't do this hauling rebar!. It should of slid ahead and killed me but it didn't. We both stopped for a 1/2 hour to calm down. I never hauled a load of rebar again (Ever). The old Kenworth was sold to a other leased operator and the 250 Cummins was used to repower another tractor. The last time I saw it was heading through Saskatoon behind a tow truck heading for some truck wrecking yard.

Goodbye old friend

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