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These pictures were shared with Bruce Harger about 30 years ago.

For almost 12 years I did the Prince George meat run for Aggressive Transport. I did my required sleep + usually in PG, sometimes in Hixon, but always ate my supper at the Hixon Fireplace Inn on Wednesday & Friday nights and got to know many of the regulars. Among the regulars on Fridays were Bob & Eunice Brunt from Dunkley. Bob was a company driver for Dunkley Lumber for nearly 30 years when they had their own off highway rigs as well as many contractor trucks. Soon we were sitting together and Bob would regale me with war stories from the bush and during spring & summer their latest fishing trip stories. They sometimes went to Stuart Lake for a weekend of fishing and loved going to Stewart or Kitimat on their holidays or during break-up would show me pictures of huge salmon and giant crabs from Stewart. Turns out Eunice was the champion fisher her daughter and son told me recently. One Friday night about 30 years ago (1988) Bob was telling me about this big stuff they were in to way out east. He told me early in the morning from a new landing he saw lights and asked the loader man "where are those lights coming from?" and the guy replied "thats McBride Bob". About two weeks later Bob brought these pictures for me. Dunkley Lumber had four of these rigs originally, circa 1965/66 Hayes 335 hp Cummins, 5X4 boxes. I have had feedback saying this rig is a L-Model KW, it may have some KW fenders (maybe from a mishap or glider kit) but I am assured by Ken Vaughn everything underneath is Hayes. This rig ran about 25 years until 1990 and Bob retired soon after in the early ninety's. They moved to Quesnel and Bob passed too soon after in 1996. Eunice passed at Quesnel in 2017. This couple were a fine example of the Cariboo and Northern people who really developed and built our province, Salt of the Earth. They kept guys like us busy hauling groceries and supplies to the Interior and supporting our families as line haul drivers.

    Bob & Eunice Brunt