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Rendering companies that are still in business and also rendering companies that were bought out and are no longer in Canada.

Banner Rendering of Toronto, Ontario is no longer in business.
Banner Rendering International Transtar model 4070 Banner Rendering International #109 Banner Rendering International #107
Banner Rendering International #58 Banner Rendering International #95-127 A Banner and a Darling rendering truck rubbing shoulders together. Taken on December 30, 1990.
Banner Rendering
Ex CRNSAV truck
Taken in Toronto, ON in 1998
Banner Rendering International Banner Rendering International
Banner Rendering International Banner Rendering International Banner Rendering International
Banner Rendering International  

ABP Recycling
Ex-Banner truck now being used by ABP Recycling ABP Recycling Ford doing a pickup in Toronto ABP Kenworth tractor with trailer
ABP Recycling Hino rendering truck #1136 ABP Recycling truck #924 International taken in May 2002 ABP Recycling transfer station
showing truck being dumped
ABP Recycling International (ex Phil's Rendering)
taken in Toronto in July 2000
ABP Recycling Ford L9000
taken in Toronto in July 2000
ABP Recycling International
taken in July 2000 in Toronto

Ontario Rendering
Ontario Rendering Ford truck picking up bulk grease in downtown Toronto Ontario Rendering Mack tractor with trailer switching trailer at a local slaughter house

Lomex Inc.
Lomex GMC General parked near a slaughter house Lomex Ford L8000

West Coast Reduction
West Coast Reductions trucks taken along the Trans Canada Highway in Langley BC by Hank Suderman

Maritime Progressive Company
Maritime Progressive Company International DX 2000 taken in Lower Truro, Nova Scotia Maritime Processing GMC Brigadier
T. Brad Dunkin Photo
Maritime Processing GMC 6500
Taken in Truro, Nova Scotia
Maritime Processing Ford L8000
Taken in Truro, Nova Scotia

Darling Deleware
Darling Deleware Ford LTL-9000 taken in Buffalo, NY in May 1991 Darling Deleware White #583 blood truck taken at Toronto, Onatario in May 1992 Darling & Co Inc. International #409 taken at the Toronto, Ontario beef terminal in January 1990
Darling Company Recycling International 4200 ex-highway tractor converted into a tanker used to pick up animal blood from local slaughter houses, taken in 1979. Darling & Company #388 Ford taken December 1993.
This was originally a bone truck.
Darling Rendering
Darling Rendering Darling Rendering

Partnerships GMC truck taken in Toronto, Ontario

The Grease Max
The Grease Max Ford L-8000 taken at Toronto, Ontario in May 2006 The Grease Max Freightliner FL80
taken in Toronto, ON in August 2009

Central Rendering
Central Rendering Mack Vision taken at Toronto, Ontario in May 2007    

Twin Town Rendering Co.
Twin Town Rendering Co. Kenworth taken ni Auburn, Maine by T. Brad Dunkin

Barrett Hides Co.
Barrett Hides Ford Louisville L8000 Shown these trucks looking like a rendering truck with hydraulic bucket used for picking up cow hides with the bucket at the rear of the truck.
  Barrett Hides Freightliner Fl-80 Barrett Hides International 8100
Barrett Hides Inc. Ford Barrett Hides Inc. GMC Topkick

Rothsay Peterbilt 379 with bucket trailer Rothsay Volvo with bucket trailer Rothsay Volvo with bulk grease trailer
Rothsay Recycling Mack Granite Rothsay Volvo taken along the 401 Rothsay Rendering
Toronto 2016
Rothsay Render great trucks picking up grease day or night.
Rothsay Recycles #400 GMC taken August 1998
Rosthsay on 417 new in fleet for Ottawa area
taken Sept 18 in Ottawa
Rothsay Volvo
Rothsay Recycles Ford Louisville Rothsay Recycles Ford L8000
at Genesis Meat Packers
Rothsay Rendering trucks taken around the Toronto area in the early 90's
Rothsay Ford L9000 tanker
Dec 1995
Rothsay Ford L9000 dump Rothsay Ford LTS8000 bucket truck
Rothsay Ford 8000 tanker
April 1995
Rothsay Ford
April 1995
Rothsay #123 Ford dump
Rothsay #125 Mack dump Rothsay Volvo Rothsay #168 with a dedicated truck body.
The front may be used for chicken feathers and bone and fat.
Rothsay #12128 used for picking up and cleaning grease traps Taken at Gordon Young Rendering
Rothsay Peterbilt #364 taken in Ottawa by Ian McCord
Used for picking up pails and barrels of restaurant grease.
Rothsay Rendering Volvo
taken on June 3, 1998

This Sanimax unit is a tri-axle bone and fat truck at a pickup Sanimax International picking up restaurant grease Sanimax Volvo VNL300 with a grease trailer
Sanimax Western Star 4900 SA, this unit is a tri-axle grease truck. Sanimax Freightliner FL80 former owner The Grease Man Sanimax Freightliner Columbia with bucket trailer
Sanimax Redder Truck. Showing this Sanimax grease truck picking up grease in the morning. Sanimax Columbia taken in Ottawa, ON in 2009 by Wayne Crane Sanimax International
Sanimax Rendering Freightliner M-2
Taken in Toronto, ON in October 2013
Sanimax Freightliner M2 Sanimax Peterbilt
Sanimax Freightliner Columbia Sanimax Redering Peterbilt Sanimax Rendering Volvo
Sanimax Rendering Peterbilt Sanimax Rendering Cascadia Sanimax Rendering Cascadia

REX Services
Rex Services GMC taken on the 401 in February 2009 REX Services Peterbilt
taken in Toronto, ON in April 2015

Other Companies
Bank Bros & Son Limited Freightliner Columbia pulling a new trailer with a rollaway floor in it Bearman Ltd Hides International 9400 Taken at The Beef Terminal on September 4, 1991. It is a former Carling O'Keefe tractor and tanker
Also taken at The Beef Terminal Eagle Leather Co. International 94000 Eagle Leather Co. Freightliner FLD
Mack Granite owned by Jim Murray from South Western Ontario taken on the 401 in February 2009 An unidentified rendering truck International 2500 owned by Phil's Rendering of Peterborough, Ontario
Tomlinson Environmental Services Mack taken along Highway 417 in Ottawa, ON Express 100 Transport Kenworth taken in the Ottawa, ON area
GMC rendering truck taken in Toronto, ON York Disposal Service
Universal Disposal Service Mack
taken in 2000
J&F Vegetable Waste Hauler Mack Turtle Island Recycling Sterling Green For Life (GFL) vegetable waste hauler
United Trucking & Disposal Mack
Harry Patterson Photo
Food & waste hauler Mack
2010 photo taken on the 401 in Toronto
Atwood Resources Kenworth T600 taken on the 401 in Toronto, ON in 2017. It is unusual to see their trucks on the 401. Thanks to Wayne Crane for this picture.

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