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We loaded up Jim's pick-up with a Tidy Tank of fuel, batteries, as well we took tools, parts, filters, air lines and air chuck to pump up the tires and lots of coffee. We didn't know what we would find until we got there.

We were told that one of the trucks would run with a little tinkering. These pictures are what we found!

We worked all day getting them ready for the next Saturday. We were trying to beat the snow!

Next Saturday we left Alberni at 5:00am and drove through the back way (through Franklin River to Caycuse then up over the switchbacks to Gordon River Shop). We had to take a compensator bar with pins and a tow bar and get them ready to go.

JIm backed 208 into place and we installed the compensator bar, then hooked up the tow bar. We wired the tow pins in so they would not jump out and did the final walk-around, to ensure that all was good to go.

Jim would drive 208 and I would "armstrong'" (steer and brake) old 209. We left Gordon River and headed for the switchbacks down that would bring us out to Caycuse Camp. It was very nostalgic going through that area, because those trucks were there all their working lives. After we left Caycuse Camp, we went through Crown Z's old Nitnat Camp (actually it was originally a BCFP camp then sold/traded to Crown Zellerbach). After we got through there, we stopped at Vernon Creek Trestle for pictures.

The next stop was the big Nitnat River Bridge because the old girls had left their traditional hauling grounds and were now on MacMillan Bloedel property! The next stop was Franklin River for yet more photos.

The last leg of the journey was 27 miles from Franklin to Cameron.

It was just one of those days you wished would never end! Old 208 never missed a beat. Not a single problem all the way. What a tribute to the guys that built these trucks in downtown Vancouver so many years ago. If it weren't for BCFP and their crews that maintained these trucks so well for 50 years, they wouldn't be here for us to enjoy.

Next year (June 2014), it will be their 60th Anniversary of going to BCFP's Caycuse Camp new in 1954.

36-80 (ex 6-208) and 36-81 (ex 6-209) in the boneyard at BCFP Gordon River Camp. This is how we found them. The first chore was to get 36-80 (208) running so we could tow 209 all the way from Gordon River Camp to Cameron Division Yard (72 miles). 36-81 (209) with blown 6 cyl Cummins supercharged engine. The five gallong bucket over the exhaust pipe did not help. Too late.
    Stopping at old Vernon Creek Trestle for photos and to check wheel bearings etc for heat. Also to rest arms. No engine - No power steering.
Vernon Creek Stopping in Franklin River for photos and a break. 2/3 of the way home and no problems!  
  This was just when Weyerhauser was tearing down Camp "B" Franklin River. VERY SAD!
This is the 4th sister 36-71 (ex 6-213). She was restored and brought to the Hayes 90th Anniversary in Port Alberni July 2012. Here is a picture of 36=71 (ex 6-213) all restored at the Hayes 90th Anniversary Truck Show at Port Alberni.
#207 - This truck ran and was low-bedded up to Port Alberni a couple of weeks ahead of the other two trucks. Jordie Rankin donated his time and lowbed to this for us. THANKS JORDIE!!

Now the work begins
  T H E   T H R E E   S I S T E R S
T H E   T H R E E   S I S T E R S
  A good shot of the original color and number  

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