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Wood and Fraser Transport

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Wood and Fraser Transport

In 1935 Alex Fraser applied for and was granted the first public general freight license to serve the area from Clinton to Prince George from the coast. Fred Carson, Lee’s and some others had made occasional trips previously but Alex had the first regular service.

In 1936 he partnered with George Wood and so began Wood and Fraser Transport. At times of extreme weather and slides, trips from Haig to Ashcroft were made by CPR flatcar. Alex maintained the district engineer from Merritt was very pro railroad and never in a hurry to clear the road. They had many difficulties during the war years with Alex in the army from 1942 to March 1946, rationing of tires and fuel, leaving George to run the operation. Ebert Lee ran an essential service, Pinchi Lake Mine Mercury, and would haul some northbound freight for Wood and Fraser Transport on permit as he had no license to serve Quesnel and Prince George, only Vanderhoof and Fort St James.

In 1948 Lee’s Transport purchased Wood and Fraser’s license and most of the trucks. Alex then established F&W Equipment with his brother-in-law and were International and Chrylser car dealers. He was mayor of Quesnel, MLA for Cariboo and Minister of Highways after the sale of Wood and Fraser. George Wood worked for Ferguson Truck in Vancouver for a year until he was hired by the receivers to manage Carson Truck Line after the death of les Cotter in 1949. By 1953 George had paid the bills and bought the company which he operated until 1973 when he sold to AllTrans, a decision he regretted, and then built up his impressive car collection.

Wood & Fraser Transport 1936 Federal taken in Vancouver, BC in November 1940. Ken Nicols Collection. Wood & Fraser Transport 1938/39 Federal #5. Ken Nicols Collection.
Wood & Fraser Transport 1938/39 Federal #3 taken in June 1943. Ken Nicols Collection. Another photo of the Wood & Fraser Transport 1938/39 Federal #3 taken in June 1943. Ken Nicols Collection.
Wood & Fraser Transport, Carson Truck Lines and White Transport taken at Boston Bar, BC 1946. John Wihksne Collection. Wood & Fraser Transport Federal and Lee's Transport International. John Wihksne Collection. Wood & Fraser Federals
John Wihksne Collection.
Original Wood & Fraser Transport fleet in 1946 at Alexander Street in Vancouver, BC Wood & Fraser International KB near Clinton
Wood & Fraser Federal
along the Cariboo Highway
Wood & Fraser Transport Federal (L)
Lee's Transport at 110 Mile in 1941
You can imagine how good the cooking was here. It turned out when near every truck on the North Haul stopped for breakfast at the 83 Mile House. Two Lee's Transport, two Wood & Fraser Transport, Carson's and Karl Anderson.
George Wood chairing the meeting of Wood & Fraser Transport and Alec Fraser on the main street of Quesnel in 1937. Wood & Fraser at 83 Mile House southbound. This was Doug Allinson's truck. Note the open windshield and the visible gas pump. Taken at Cache Creek. Out of site beyond the garage sign is the bridge that crossed and took you to Kamloops or straight ahead led to Clinton.
Alec Fraser and George Wood's Federal looking north from China Bar in 1937. Four trucks and some cars snowbound at Siska Lodge about 1938. A three day wait for a plow to arrive before the road was opened again. The photo was taken by Doug Allinson. The truck with the snow on the hood is a Wood & Fraser truck. Alex Fraser
George Wood driver Carson Truck Lines International
Wood & Fraser Federal
Two Vanderspek trucks
taken at Silver Creek (west of Hope)
Wood & Fraser #9
taken at Kelly Douglas Quesnel

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