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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
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Vancouver-Kamloops Freight Lines Ltd.

During 1947 a partnership was formed by Bill Lord and Bob Henry with operating authority between Vancouver and the Kamloops area. Later in 1960 Bob bought out his partner and Bill remained as dispatcher for some time. During the late fifties and early sixties the company acquired Kamloops - Merritt Freight Line, Kamloops – Salmon Arm Freight and White Transport greatly expanding the service area to Revelstoke and the Okanagan Valley. In 1962 the company adopted Van-Kam Freightways as it’s trade name and acquired licenses for the North Thompson later in the sixties. Service started to the Kootenay’s, Prince George and Alberta and also US points during the seventies and eighties. Service to Vancouver Island was also started in the eighties by acquiring TC Trucking of Nanaimo and Sidney Freight Service.

During 2017 the company will mark 70 years of service.

Vancouver Kamloops Freight Lines GMC
taken at Tunnel Mountains
Van-Kam Freightways Kenworth with Brown trailer Van-Kam International VCO-190
John Stokes - Lee's Transport
Nat Davis - Vancouver Kamloops
Dick Giroux's Hayes Clipper on with Van-Kam
Van-Kam Freightways Kenworth with a flatbed trailer Van-Kam Freightways Kenworth with a flatbed trailer Bill MacMordie taken at Flood, BC in 1960
Rocky Rochfort
Vancouver Kamloops Freight Lines
Van-Kam driver Doug Hunt
Van-Kam driver Nat Davis
May 1960
Van-Kam driver Joe Gumwieser
September 1963
Van-Kam driver Walt Steffen
August 1963
Van-Kam driver Gunnar Reinikka
taken in 1965
Class Rates for White Transport Co. Taken on the Monte Creek Hill Masao (Mas) NISHIYAMA Collection
Joe George taken at Quilchena is stuck in a frost boil in the middle of Highway 5 during break-up in May 1951. Glen Roddick Collection Van-Kam advertisement
Glen Roddick Collection
Glen Roddick with Van-Kam No. 3,
last trip 1946-1989.
Ernie ?? Vancouver Kamloops driver Bill Kent Vancouver Kamloops driver Two Vancouver Kamloops Leyland trucks. The Leyland’s were a 6 month trial (Unsuccessful).

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