BC Line Drivers Pre-1965

BC Line Drivers Pre-1965 Collection

T&H Cariboo Transport Ltd.

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Huston Cariboo Transport - T&H Cariboo Transport

In 1946 Claude Huston of Williams Lake applied for a Motor Carrier License between that point and Vancouver. After a public hearing and fierce opposition from Wood & Fraser Transport and Carson Truck Lines, he received his authority to serve 93 mile to Soda Creek. Poor service during the war years due to rationing and the preference to serve Quesnel and Prince George by the bigger carriers led the PUC to grant Claude his license. He also was the first fire chief of Williams Lake, a position he held from 1930 to 1957. He also operated Huston Agencies, a warehousing operation still operated by his family.

In 1951 Harry Taylor and Clare Heibein purchased Huston Cariboo Transport and began T&H Cariboo Transport which they operated from 249 Union Street in Vancouver. During 1954 they bought Boyd Transport of Clinton, which gave them operating authority from north of Cache Creek to north of Williams Lake. While at 249 Union Street Harry and Clare had Vancouver Merritt Freight Lines as a tenant. During 1956, Shadow Reid sold Vancouver Merritt and bought T&H about a year later. When Expressway moved to Pender St, T&H moved to 1220 Raymur Street. During 1959 T&H bought the Mackenzie/Reynolds License to Lilloett and shortly after the Canyon Carriers/Triangle License after which T&H served north of Haig as well as service out of Kamloops. During the mid 1960's an association with Public Freightways began which ended with Public Freightways taking ownership in 1968.

Thank you Bruce Harger for compiling this bit of history of T&H Cariboo Transport

1928 Maxwell as bought from Hayes-Anderson. Tommy Hodgson is shown her with one of the Spuds from Gold Drdge from Antler Creek hauled to Quesnel in 1929. Claude Huston Photo. Claude Huston hauled this ladder off the Gold Dredge Antler Creek to Quesnel in 1929. This would be the Maxwell truck he told of in the story of early freighting. Huston's Cariboo Transport White 3000
Stanley Turbid plays that winter sport of where did they hide the highway deep in the Fraser Canyon. Huston's Cariboo Transport White gets stopped the only way you can on straight ice just north of the tunnels. Stan Turbid driver. Stan Turbid, Gordon Johnson, Claude Huston and two of Claude's freight trucks at Williams Lake.
Huston Cariboo White
taken at 100 Mile House
T&H Cariboo Transport business card T&H Cariboo
at 249 Union Street Vancvouver
    Stan Turbid driver
T&H Caiboo Freightliner
taken at Boston Bar
Canyon Carriers Mercury M800 driver is Warren McDonald truck
with a T&H Cariboo Diamond T driver is Chuck Lindsay.
Chuck was later at Carson’s and in the Cairnsite picture of the Bullnose KW running with Jim Harris.
T&H Cariboo Transport L Model International
(a former Northern Freightways truck)
T&H Cariboo Transport trucks
GMC on the left is a Vancouver-Merrit truck
(a tenant of T&H.)
T&H Cariboo Transport L Model Internationall
(a former Northern Freightways truck)
T&H Cariboo Transport International T&H Cariboo Transport International
Stan Turbid and Harry Jenkins
T&H Cariboo Transport International's
T&H Cariboo
Driver: Art Penn
Taken at the Flood Cafe
T&H Cariboo Transport
1220 Raymur Street, Vancouver, BC
T&H Cariboo Diamond T in the foreground and a Canyon Carriers Mercury in the background. T&H Cariboo International R model, Verl Heibein standing beside the truck. T&H Cariboo's International truck
emerging from a tunnel.
T&H Cariboo's International model R 200 tractor
with a load of lumber. The driver is Warren McDonald. Warren would be ready to leave for Vancouver.
Red McCue driver taken at Clinton, BC. Red McCue has arrived from Williams Lake. Red lived in Clinton and would relieve the Vancouver driver while they laid over in Clinton. With this tandem trailer the trip to Vancouver would be via Princeton. Bruce Sime and Verl Heibein changing a tire along the road at Popcum Spring in 1956.
T&H Caiboo Freightliner
taken at Boston Bar
Two pictures of T&H Cariboo's White conventional
pulling a set of double flatbed trailers with a load of pipe.