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"Always Gets There"

Seth Smith arrived in Quesnel in 1937. He worked for John A. Fraser delivering groceries, worked for DPW,and did many other jobs in the area to support his family during these tough times. In 1944 he got the chance to buy a truck with a PUC {MCC} license, a small 2 Ton Chev.from Ray Williams. His motto at the time "Nothing Too Big, Nothing Too Small". Seth and the little truck delivered small packages up to a TD18 tractor throughout the area.The next trucks were bigger an International K7 and then a KB8 that hauled loads up to 60000 lbs.up the Barkerville highway. Seth did many moving jobs to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Prince Rupert and everywhere in between. In later years Smith Transfer was an agent for United Van Lines and provided storage services in the new building which was built in 1958. Smith's also did warehousing and distribution for the flour companies, oxygen and acetylene,sold wood and coal and were agent's for Carson Truck Lines. Smith's also had the Royal Mail contract from the CPR mail train at Ashcroft nightly to all points north to Quesnel from 1952 to the 60's.,except for one brief break. Another truck met Van-Kam at Cache Creek and delivered newspapers to Prince George and all way points and return with produce for Quesnel from Kelly Douglas PG six nights per week. Smith's also did heavy hauling in the region, by 1958 they were operating 12 trucks.

During the mid 60's Seth suffered two strokes and the business was sold in 1969. He passed away in 1973 at the age of 79.

Many thanks to Tom,George and Norma Smith

George Wood (left) with his old Cadillac and Seth Smith with his new Cadillac Seth Smith Driver, Ernie Sales
Standing. Norma Smith and Joyce Currie
Sitting left side, Myrtle Castonquay with two sisters. Taken May 1955.
Seth Smith taken around 1946   Seth Smith purchasing truck from Alex Fraser. Taken in 1961 or 1962
    Don Hilborn
  Hillcrest Truck Stop about four miles north of Quesnel, BC along HIghway 97.
Taken around 1947-48
Taken around 1948    
Norma Smith Christmas card from 1958
from Seth & the boys
Smith's Moving & Storage terminal

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