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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy know via email.

Ray Boris
Ray Boris Doris Boris 'Coffee' Joe Cassan
Frank Duddy Taken on Cheam Ave in Chilliwack, BC

Taken at the Twilight Lodge
While Pat Duddy was taking this picture of the truck & pup at Twilight, I (Bruce Harger) was chaining up back around the corner at 122 Mile, single on steering, single on trailer and driver’s chained up. As I approached the curve near Forbes Road, south of 122 a chap who lived in the area was southbound to work in 100 Mile House and slid off the low side into the ditch with his almost new white Lincoln. This was the beginning of the very slippery highway. As I was chaining up at Kokanee Lodge, the 100 Mile school bus came onto the highway from the driveway of it’s operator to start the school run. It did a complete 360 turn and went back in the driveway, no school today. All the chains stayed on to Prince George and return as far south as Strathnaver. John Yeomans and Bud Mullen (CTL 134) had just left shortly before Pat took this picture. Many other rigs in the picture, Boris L-190, CTL tag, Rempel tanker, Fred Loucks, Greyhound bus and some others. A fine example of freezing rain on compact snow, road very quick!!
Boris Kenworth "Dragon Wagon" at Cairn Site Frank Hale at Cairn Site Service with Ray Boris KW. Ray Boris International L-190 taken at Cairn Site Service. Frank Duddy driver.

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