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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy know via email.

Miscellaneous BC Trucking Companies
Safeway Canadian Kenworth Canada Safeway Hayes Clipper
Associate Enterprises Ltd. Kenworth
Dale Van Horne (R) 1959-60
Bob McDonald at West Pine Valley Lookout
North of Willow Flats July 1982
Ted Smith (L), Wally Reagh (R) Alaska Yukon Transportation Ltd
Harry Jenkins
Los Angeles Seattle Motor Express Peterbilt Los Angeles Seattle Motor Express Peterbilt
    Billy standing next to his Herda Alaska Truck Lines Mack in July 1960 at the Flood Cafe.
Graham Annis and Barnie Pallin standing next to their Giant Mascot Mines Mack trucks. This was the way the truck returned back to the mines when they were empty. The picture was taken in June 1962 at the Flood Cafe. Charlie Lake Transport Western Freight Carriers Chevrolet
Interior Refrigerated Service Intenational W.T. Louie & Son (Wayne)
Bridge steel for Bonaparte River Bridge at Cache Creek, BC
taken on November 4, 1950
W.T. Louie from Ashcroft at Roddy's Cafe in Chilliwack heading to Ashcroft.
These are two new D-40 Internationals Spring 1939
Taken at Boston Bar, BC in 1938 Snappy Service new Maple Leaf at Dry Lake Service running Vancouver-Nelson. This was Reg's first truck on the Merritt-Princeton and Nelson-Vancouver run.
Reg Barber’s Snappy Service truck lineup in Trail 1939
Kamloops Transport 1952 Federal with Merv Hannah, Carl Messmer and Bill Goodridge. taken near Clinton photo by Gord Heslop. Gord Heslop at 59 Mile, the end of pavement in 1951, Cariboo Hwy (BC 2 at the time, paved to Lac La Hache later that year) Merritt Freight 1949 White WB18 owned by George Newton, driven by Gordon Heslop.
Gord Heslop at Bert Collins TU Cache Creek
heading to Williams Lake 1948
Buster Rooke on the right
with Blackie, a US driver on the left.
Jimmy Corwin
Arctic Express Inc. Diamond T Capital Fruit & Produce Diamond T
Eddie Demar (L)
Sam Moskowitch (R)
P.L. Porter driver Orval Buttler taken in 1964 Giant Mascot driver Graham Annis Commercial Mine Serivce truck unloading at the Vancouver Wharfs.
Herda Alaska Truck Lines July 1960 Commercial Mine Service Mack
taken at Boston Bar, BC in 1963
Hope Freight Lines Mack
taken at Boston Bar, BC in 1963

Clinton Truck Stop 1932
Wings Cafe and Bob Inn
Photo from Earl Cahill
Highway Motor Express

Evergreen Trucking Heavy Hauling
based out of Abbotsford, BC
taken at Flood, BC
Ritchie Bros Auction photo
June 17, 1982 Kamloops, BC
Rural Truck Lines and City Transfer
Vancouver-built Federal
Collection of Class "C" Chauffeur's badges
Jim Kennedy Collection
White Pass & Yukon
Gary Morton Collection
White Pass & Yukon
Gary Morton Collection
White Pass & Yukon
Gary Morton Collection

Miscellaneous Heavy Haulers

Although strictly not Pre-65 Line Haulers, three main heavy haul experts in the Lower Mainland were Arrow Transfer, Merchants Cartage and Commercial Truck Service. Crown Cartage was also in the Heavy Haul business We have this great picture of B C Electric custom built 1956 Hayes for line pole work & lift work at Cambie & 16 Ave shops. Fred Loucks was very active province wide and in the Prince George area Ross Ewen and McDermids & Lofting were big operators.

Thanks to Lorne Findlay for these pictures

Arrow Transfer Company Ltd Hayes with a load of beams  
Hayes truck with Insley boom crane used for putting in power poles.
The pictures were taken in the 16th & Cambie garage in 1956
Rocky Mountain Transport V-Liner. Johnnie Sengotta founded Rocky Mountain Transport at Vernon, BC in the mid 1950's. Johnnie originally worked for OK Valley Freight Line out of Vernon.
Hauling a laminated bridge beam
taken at Nelson, BC
Loading Nass River Bridge sections Loaded with laminated sections
for the Nass River Bridge
Laminated sections for the Nass River Bridge
Merchants Cartage on Job # 487, National Harbors Board Transit Shed at Vancouver, BC
Taken in March 1960

Commercial Truck Co. Ltd crane truck
placing beams for Englewood School


Global Pace-Setter:

World's longest laminated-timber, steel-trussed span is 575 feet, Klinaklini, near Knight Inlet, 150 miles north of Vancouver. Built for BC Forest Products Ltd., which a quarter of a century ago pioneered the province's first laminated logging bridge, structure has a clear span of 207 feet, plus approaches. It opens to logging operations a previously inaccessible 17,000 acre stand of spruce, fir, hemlock and cedar. Laminated components for span were provided by Koppers International Canada Ltd., subsidiary of Kopper's Company, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, pioneers in glued wood technology.

Harvest of the Forest:

Timber loads up to 200 tons are supported, with complete safety, on laminated-beam logging bridge serving British Columbia's economically dominant multi-billion dollar forest industry. Canadian demand for laminated timber products, on per capita basis, is more than 1 1/2 times that of US Principal supplier of laminated products throughout the Dominion is Koppers International Canada Ltd., subsidiary of Koppers Company, Inc. From a 65 acre facility at Burnaby, BC, and other branch plants, company offers full-service capability in design, engineering and construction of laminated structural systems.

Grader with snow blower was a Nelson District experiment Taken at Langford I believe. That was where all plow & sand equipment was installed. Dodge or Fargo, c47 or so, Unit No. S-563.
Highways was then known as Dept. Of Public Works. Mike Duddy Collection.

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