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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy know via email.

Millar & Brown Ltd.

During the 1930’s-early 1940’s Walter Millar worked for and was a partner in Star Stages Bus Lines serving Cranbrook to Kimberley. With the start of the WW2 Walter joined the RCAF but was discharged after contracting rheumatic fever. He returned to the Stage Line when able to do so, meanwhile Mrs Alice Millar who nursed at the Hospital had as a patient Mr.W.E. Worden who had operated City Transfer and Warehouse Co. for forty years and told Alice he wished to sell his business and retire. Alice contacted her brother Fred Brown who she knew would be interested in the business and wanted to leave the Sullivan Mine where he worked. Fred wasn’t able to do the deal by himself and asked Walter to join him, so in July 1944 Millar & Brown began with Worden’s Garage and barn at 8 Ave & 1 St. from when he had horses, 5 trucks and several delivery and mail contracts also a busy coal business. After the war 3- 3000 gal tankers were operated hauling gas and diesel from Alberta for a short time. A branch office was opened in Calgary soon followed by Lethbridge and Edmonton and then service to Vancouver was begun via Idaho and Washington. By 1947 the Fuel, moving and tanker business was given up, they suddenly had their hands full with the freight business that had grown by leaps and bounds. By the time Walter retired in the 70’s Millar & Brown had 100 reefer trailers 300 dry boxes and 50 flatdecks.

`Overnight while you sleep’ MILLAR & BROWN LTD FREIGHT LINES

After Walter Millar sold his share of the business Direct had Number 16 restored. Walter stayed on as a director for some time and became dismayed with the new management and what became of the company he and Fred Brown had worked so hard to build.

When he left he didn’t want the Hayes and made arrangements to have it displayed at the Museum, but didn't transfer the title.

Walter passed away at age 75 in 1986 leaving the Hayes to his estate. His daughter lost ownership of the Hayes to a creditor and it was lost from the museum.

Dave Taylor and Gordon Henry taken by Bob Cottrell at Sunday Summit 1967 on the Hope-Princeton Highway. Sunday Summit Richter Pass- 1968
Alison Pass - 1969 Millar & Brown Kenworth driven by Bob Cottrell
and taken on the Hope-Princeton Highway.
Gordie Puffalt
Millar & Brown
Walter Miller had a warm spot for his '47 Hayes Diesel -- The first in his fleet.
(Inset) Walter enjoyed casting for the trout that abound in the streams of the Cranbrook area. Thank you Herb Girvin, for this photo of Walter Millar.
Miller & Brown #35
1955 Hayes Clipper
Herb Girvin's sister is in the cab
Herb Girvin Collection.

Millar & Brown body job picture on the Nasookin Gray Creek Historical Society
(Tom Lymbery Collection).

The Nasookin's deckhands are preparing to unload the truck after arriving from Fraser's Landing at Gray Creek. The Nasookin carried heavy planks for unloading the Greyhound and the Nelson-Creston freight truck, you can see them standing up. The picture is taken Summer 1945 and the truck is nearly new. As you couldn't buy a new truck in 1945 without a good reason, (national security-vital service) I suspect Millar & Brown could because they did a lot of work for C.M.&S (Sullivan Mine at Kimberley). This truck probably is returning from a special trip to the smelter at Trail or a managers move. Walter & Fred left the fuel, moving and tanker business in 1947 when they were over run with freight. That same year William's got their moving license in Cranbrook, Williams were already in Nelson.

The final photos taken of the 1947 Hayes Clipper
when it was on display at the Teamster's Museum.
  Arnie Wunder Millar & Brown o/op Sumner Magnus 1970 R model Mack. This truck ran Kamloops to Edmonton after switching with Vancouver drivers at Kamloops. Kevin Duddy Collection

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