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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy know via email.

Lee's Transport
Glen Roddick Two Lee's Transport and a Princeton Brewery Merc taken at Hunter Creek Lee's Transport International
OK Vally Freight Lines White
Paul Bosick (L)
Bruce Sime (R)
Taken at Galliger's at Spenses Bridge.
Lees' Tranport International R200 taken at Airport Royalite Prince George, BC 1957. This business was Glen Roddick's wife's parents, the Handfield's. Pete Wall, Pete Reddecopp, Ken Wilkenson
Lee's Transport International KB
taken in 1949 at Kingsway and Knight Rd
"Blue Bomber"
Lee's Transport International taken at Spences Bridge Ebert Lee, Pete Wall (Lee's book keeper), Don McGregor taken at East Pender St. Vancouver, BC
Lee's Transport International.
Gumbo Banks at Cinema Hill Quesnel to Prince George. Walter Foley was the unlucky one here.
John Stokes    
George Reddicopp John Stokes - Lee's Transport
Nat Davis - Vancouver Kamloops
Taken at Clinton in 1948
Glen Roddick, outside and inside the cab is his future broth-in-law, Ralph Handfield. Picture taken at the Prince George Airport Royalite Service. Frances Zingle taken at Tunnel Mountains in 1957 Jack Stewart
Lee's Transport
Pat Duddy 1955 Gordon Puffalt Dick Giroux, Paul Borsik, Kurt Vesper
Pete Wall getting 2 horsepower towup the hill at Australian B.C. Tow courtesy Yorston Bros. Ranch team and cowboys, Photo by Glen Roddick who was already towed. Bill Britton and Pete Wall supervise as Rocky gets a tow from Beath Motors, after getting hit by Barney McAllister coming downhill in mud and couldn't stop. Ebert Lee was not impressed and said, you couldn't hit someone else you had to hit each other! Photo by Glen Roddick. Rocky standing next to a Lee's Transport International, bring the truck back to Vancouver.
Lee's Transport International in the ditch Carson Kenworth gives assistance to the Lee's Transport International Here is a night shot taken of the same Carson Truck Lines Kenworth Bullnose taken at 1604 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC.
Lee's Transport crossing the bridge going into Quesnel, BC. Lee's Transport trucks. Taken along the road by Pavilion Lake and Marble Canyon. Lee's Transport International taken at the Ashcroft Manor. Earl Cahill Collection.
Here is another view of the International hauling for Lee's Transport taken at Muncho Lake in November 1955. In the picture are Dick Giroux, Paul Bosick and Curt Visper.    
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