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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy know via email.


Canadian Freightways in BC and Predecessor Lines

In the early 1950's Canadian Freightways of Calgary AB. purchased Continental Carriers of Vancouver from George Hagen and his partners, Dave and Irene Andrews. Continental held a Motor Carrier license to Alberta via the Pacific Highway Border Crossing and either Kingsgate BC or Coutts AB. Also in the early 1950's Consolidated Freightways bought Sea-Van Motor Freight to serve BC from Seattle and Canadian Freightways bought Country Freight Lines, an associated company of Sea-Van which gave them a service to the Okanagan Valley. CF operated this as the Okanagan Division of Canadian Freightways until a belt tightening in 1962/63 when this division was sold to Millar & Brown of Cranbrook BC and the Vancouver to Calgary service was moved to a Calgary home terminal. In 1956 Canadian had bought Northern Freightways of Dawson Creek BC from John Denison and the Forsyth family and in 1959 Warren Nelson Tank Lines also of Dawson Creek were acquired. The Tankers were also trimmed in the cuts and during 1963 were sold to H M Trimble with a portion going back to Warren Nelson.

During 1965/66 Canadian Freightways attempted to buy Carson Truck Lines of Burnaby BC to obtain a license to Prince George BC but were rebuffed by George Wood. They applied for and were granted a license by the MCC after Public Hearings despite the objections of Carson's, Chapman's, CP Transport and even the PGE Railway who were interested in Carson's at the time.

At this same time Len Huyser was dealing with Art Murray of Prince George, who with his partners operated Central Freightways who held MCC/PUC licenses to Prince Rupert since 1953. CF acquired Central January 1 1967 and moved into an impressive new terminal building July 1 1967 with operations west and south of PG. In 1968 direct service from Vancouver to Dawson Creek was started and Vancouver was a Home Terminal for Line Drivers again. With the opening of Hwy. 16 East, Prince George was a major hub in the CF operations and Canadian was then a leading general freight carrier in Central and Northern British Columbia for the next 30 years. Canadian had also purchased Capital Freightways in 1985 to serve Vancouver Island.

Thanks to Jim Hagen, John MacLean and Lorne Findlay for many of these pictures.


This truck was used by Okanagan Freightways, which was a division of Canadian Freightways at the time Northern Freightways B-Model Mack
Taken by Jim Hall PG Dispatcher Driver Gordon Ira Grant Spring 1969 en route to Granisle HWY 16 West @ Peden Hill P.G. This picture came from a Canadian Freightways calendar. Canadian Freightways
Harry Jenkins and his son, Shaun

Canadian Freightways Kenworth when they were painted dark blue from the 1960's. This picture is from Kenworth and this rig was used in one of their brochures. Taken at Empire Stadium in Vancouver, BC.

This Kenworth was ordered by East-West Transport, but was never delivered because the company preferred cabovers with drom boxes. So Canadian Freightways purchased them as is. Later painting them in the green and red colors.

Canadian Freightways and Northern Freightways ad from a brochure, showing their old colors and logos. CF Freightliner drom taken in Calgary, Alberta. This truck was based in Dawson Creek, BC. This was one of at least four Freightliner with NTC 335 4x4 transmissions.  
Danny Wilkenson July 1961 Kenny Nichols July 1961 Don Skea, Dave Potts and Freeman Meister
May 1960
Abby Larter, Gordon Henry
May 1960
Danny ?? April 1960 New Consolidated Freightways Kenworth tanker taken at Flood, BC
March 1960
Canadian Freightways White Freightliner Canadian Freightways
Jim Moeller
April 1960
Canadian Freightways
Danny Wilkenson and Dave Potts
One very rare find. Gary Morton captured this Canadian Freightways Canadian Kenworth cabover taken at Windsor, Ontario. Gary Morton Collection.
  Ken Nicols and Cam Hume
Canadian Freightways drivers
Canadian Freightwats Kenworths
taken at Boston Bar, BC

(L) 34-15 at Terrace-Terminal Manager George Dyer Fall 1967- ex Gill one legged KW operated by BC Pony Express on Royal Mail run Vancouver to Pr. Rupert was involved in fatal accident, loaded on Flat to be taken to PG by John and Bob

(R) Bob White getting up and dressed Terrace town crew Lyle and Ken, photo by John MacLean.
Thanks to John MacLean for the pictures

Number 40-62 @ Topley Landing waiting for the Granisle Barge/Ferry Driver John MacLean. Summer 1968 John and Randy MacLean PG Yard summer 1967 34-14 and 34-15with Droms., 32-251, KW conv. F/L day cab, Former Central Freightways B61 Mack and 32-?
Canadian Freightways promotional photo taken along side the Stampede Stadium in Calgary, Alberta. This is a postcard that I bought back in 1963 showing the 5-Mile Yoho Bridge in Kicking Horse Canyon. Part way up the hill you can see a CF Kenworth pulling a trailer up the hill. Photo by E. McMinn Photo. Hank Suderman Collection.  

Country Freight Lines Ltd.

Originally Country Freight Lines served the south Okanagan via the Fraser Canyon with service starting in Merritt to Penticton and south to Osoyoos and north to Kelowna or via Stevens Pass. Their slogan was “The South Route” After the opening of the Hope-Princeton Highway in November 1949 the slogan was changed to “Daily Overnite Service” and trailer equipment was used. Canadian Freightways ran it as the Okanagan Division until selling it to Millar & Brown in 1962 and service continued until Motorways ceased operations in 1993.

Country Freight Lines Peterbilt Country Freight Lines Country Freight Lines
Bill Laird. Taken at Traveler's Service in Westboank, BC
Country Freight Lines White
taken at the Kelly Douglas warehouse in Burnaby, BC
Country Freight Lines promotional brochure Country Freight Lines and Sea-Van Express promotional brochure
showing the officers
Country Freight Lines Dodge delivery truck Country Freight Lines GMC and Dodge trucks
taken in Kelowna, BC
Country Freight Lines Dodge pickup truck
taken in Kelowna, BC
Country Freight Lines GMC Country Freight Lines International L-Model Country Freight Lines Peterbilt
Country Freight Lines Dodge and a GMC Country Freight Lines Freightliner taken by The Bay Coffee Shop on Bay Avenue, adjacent to Ellis Street in Kelowna, BC
Country Freight Lines Freightliner
taken in Kelowna, BC
Country Freight Lines Freightliner Country Freight Lines Peterbilt
Country Freight Lines Freightliner
taken in Vancouver, BC
Country Freight Lines Hayes Clipper
taken by the Pattullo Bridge in New Westminster, BC
Country Freight Lines Peterbilt
Country Freight Lines Ltd. Handy Freight Memo showing routes and phones numbers

This picture would be from the time Country Freight Lines operated to the South Okanagan via the Fraser Canyon (1935-1950) with service starting in Merritt to Penticton up to Kelowna and south to Osoyoos. This portion of the license started about 1935. It was sold in 1944 to the Fleming Bros. who sold the Interior portion to the Bryce System at that time. The company was founded by the Johnston Bros,Ernie & Roy of Chilliwack and Len Brynell from Rosedale who operated from the Fraser Valley to Vancouver from the late twenties to 1944. Country Freight expanded greatly with the opening of the Hope-Princeton Hwy. and was sold to Canadian Freightways in the mid-fifties who in turn sold the Okanagan Division to Millar & Brown in 1961 and became part of Motorways about 1980. Bob Bryce drove for Millar & Brown for 19 years.

We don’t recognize the driver or his name, he was probably way-freighting or passing thru Merritt on his route to or from Penticton and a friend of the family.
It’s a good picture of a 1938 D-40.

Brownie Pichurski Collection ©

Thank you Ramona Lough for finding the picture from your father's collection.

Bob Bryce of Penticton

Long time Line Driver-- O K Valley Freight Lines, Country Freight Lines and Millar & Brown.

These pictures of his are from a few months he spent on the South Run in the early fifties.

Thanks to Lorne Findlay for these pictures

  If anyone recognizes this US truck stop, we would really like to know the location.
If you can assist us, please email Hank Suderman.

Terry Cather's business card for
Sea-Van Express Ltd.
Terry Cather's business card for
Country Freight Lines Ltd.

Continental Carriers Ltd.
  George Hagen beside his Mac/Cons KW B-3 April 1960 @ Flood. After founding Continental Carriers, George worked for Safeway/Mac/Cons until retirement. Bruce Shantz Collection.

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