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BC Line Drivers Pre-1965 Collection

Carson Truck Lines

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Carson Truck Lines

Fred Carson, son of a pioneer B C family and a merchant from Barkerville began hauling his own freight in the early thirties. When business in Barkerville slowed he founded Carson Truck Line in 1934.

When licensing was started later in the thirties Carson Truck Lines Ltd was granted a license to serve from Vancouver to the area between 70 Mile House and Prince George, later this was extended to the territory north of the Oregon Jacks Hill . One foggy night in the winter of 1937/38 Fred was killed in an accident just north of Boston Bar and the estate sold the business to Les Cotter. Les was a very good operator, but he and Wood & Fraser had problems during the war years with manpower and rationing of supplies. Les passed away during 1949 and the business passed into receivership. The receivers hired George Wood to manage the company (Wood & Fraser had previously been taken over by Lee’s Transport). George paid off the companies debts and became the new owner. He greatly improved and expanded the company’s service with new equipment and a modern terminal by 1958.

The longest serving O/Ops at CTL were # 126 Bob Hurley and # 119 Bill “Bunk” Seldon and # 127 Gordon Hay. Bob started as a CTL driver about 1950 and became an O/O with a single axle 1951 M-8. In 1954 it was replaced with a 1954 Diamond T tag axle. Bob sold the Diamond to Don Collins in 1963. In 1964/65 it was bought by CTL and converted to a single axle tractor.

In 1954 Gordon Hay purchased a new R-200 International tag axle #127 and returned to Hay Bros. Dairy the family business. John Yeomans, Carson’s senior driver drove 127. In 1955 Gordon bought # 119 from Bunk Seldon a single axle L-190 and left the Dairy to drive it. In 1956 John began driving 134, Roger Edwards then came from Hay Bros. Dairy to drive 127. George Wood bought #119 from Gordy for town service in 1958/59, Roger then drove #129 until 1963/64 when he moved up to sleeper team on # 138. Number 127 was converted to a single axle tractor in 1964, Gordon going to # 154. Gordon worked for CTL until 1970 when he went as an O/Op for Imperial Oil at Lake City

There were 3 other O/OPs for a short time Charley Derban in 1953 GMC equipped with a DD 3-53 this truck became the start of Derban Peace River Transport

Bill Vincenzi and Alf Carter each with single axle GMC’s about 1954 I am not sure if they had Detroit 3-53’s as well, each serving about a year

Jim Harris leased two tractors to CTL, the red & black Bullnose & the other newer KW. There are pictures of these Kenworth trucks on Don Collins Collection.

Another lease tractor was Vic Morris with a circa 1960 KW COE that worked one winter for CTL running around the Horn (1961/62 I think).

After 39 years of service Carson Truck Lines was sold to TNT/Alltrans in 1973, a decision George later regretted.

During 1976 the Carson portion was sold to Motorways.

Thank you Bruce Harger for digging up this Carson Truck Lines history.

Bob Hurley Hat Creek Road 1941 Flood Scales 1950
Charlie Derban
Bob Hurley, Jack Parminter, Les Hamlin
taken in September 1957
Unknown, Bill Miller, Frank Allen, Darrel Derban
Quesnel, BC 1951
John Pat McSorley and John Yeomans
taken at Flood, BC in 1960
Bunk Seldon's truck taken at Yale, BC "Rough House" George Reddecop at Cairn Site
With Carson Truck Lines #127.
Carson trucks at Harrington Motors in Boston Bar John Yeomans at Siska Lodge Gordon Hay at Hell's Gate Tunnel
Carson International at the Siska Lodge Ken Speer posing in front of a Carson Truck Lines Hayes. Bill Souproanuck posing in front of a Carson Truck Lines Hayes, taken at Chilliwack, BC.
Taken at Marguerite, BC in 1950 Taken at the Flood's Scales Carl Enemark
  Roger Edwards at Hell's Gate Tunnel Main Line Highway Quesnel to Prince George at Woodpecker Hill in the spring breakup. How would you like to freight over these roads?
Clean up to the hubs in that nice Cariboo Gumbo, and not a house in sight. Stan Turbid Photo. At least one of the nearby farmers had purchased out of the Bren gun carriers and that's all it takes.
Gordon Hay at Hunter Creek Les Cotter at Woodpecker 1941. Looks like an interesting trip. Etta, Les' wife is along. On the road between Siska and Lytton
The skid marks tell the story of what the load of lumber was doing as it hit the new Carson truck on the bottom of the big hill coming into Prince George.The Carson driver was Darrell Derban. Southbound with 6" of fresh snow on top of solid ice.
Taken at Nine Mile Canyon.
Alexandra Bridge opening Oct 22, 1962
Carson Truck Lines
John Yeomans and Frank Allen (driver)
Carson Truck Lines Hayes Clipper
taken at Prince George, BC
Frank Allen with Carson #138
Carson Kenworth truck and trailer in the rocks west of Princeton. Hank Rabe Collection A picture of the same Kenworth Bullnose months before
Kenworth Bullnose hauling a Carson Truck Lines trailer. The men from left to right are Chuck Lindsey and Jim Harris. Jim Harris
Here is a picture that was taken for a Carson Truck Lines calendar, a shot of a 60's Canadian Kenworth pulling a set of doubles. This picture was taken by the Williams Lake photographer. The location is Signal Point, Williams Lake in the background.
This KW was a 1964, Bruce Harger drove 148 and 134 when he worked there. Number 148 was a 1963 KW almost identical to 154 except it was an NT 280, 154 was a NTC 335 . Number 134 was a 1956 Hayes Tandem 250 Cummins power.
Les Hamlin with Carson #148
These two train tractors (148 & 154) each replaced 3 tag axle units. When they started they each had 3 sets (6 Trailers) So two tractors replaced 6 Tag Axles. The first 6 trailers in 1963 were 24 Ft. Trailmobiles, the next 6 in 1964 were Can-Car 26 Ft.
In 1963 – 148 replaced #128, 121 and 129. In 1964—#154 replaced #104,126 and 127. All were rebuilt as single axle town tractors except #121 which was retired.
Three Carson trucks Betty Seldon beside Bill "Bunk" Seldon's truck Betty Seldon beside Bill "Bunk" Seldon's truck
Three Carson trucks taken at the scales at Flood, BC Three Carson trucks taken at the scales at Flood, BC Carson Reo cab with a Pacific rad shell.

Carson truck #108 is a Reo with a Pacific rad shell. These photos were taken at the Pacific Truck & Trailer shop in Vancouver, BC.
Bob Dingsdale Collection.