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Danton's Cairn Site Service

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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy or Bruce Harger know via email.

Danton's Cairn Site at Alexandria, BC

During the early 1980's at the Kaleden Restaurant they had a display of pictures posted, on one trip I looked them over and asked the owner where he had got them. He said he had a customer that was from Cawston who asked him if he wanted some truck pictures. He went on to tell me the lady told him she ran a Truck Stop up the Alaska Highway. I told him where the pictures were taken and asked him to describe the lady. He described Shannon to a T and offered the pictures to me to get copied. There were probably a couple of hundred so I took a few to copy, he said you are the only person who knew anything about them. On my next monthly trip to Kaleden I returned the copies I had made, but due to a run change I didn't get back until 1995 and they were gone. So thank you Shannon and your sister for taking these wonderful pictures 50 years ago(1964) Bruce Harger.

Brian Pullman standing beside a 1952 Kenworth when he was hauling for Pacific Freightways. Ray Boris Kenworth "Dragon Wagon" at Cairn Site Frank Hale at Cairn Site Service with Ray Boris KW.
Ray Boris International L-190 taken at Cairn Site Service. Frank Duddy driver. Boris' 1957 Hayes with Frank Duddy at Carin Site. George "Roughouse" Reddicop. 1963 with Carson #127 taken at Cairn Site Service.
Frank Allen with Carson #138 taken at Cairn Site Service. Kenworth Bullnose hauling a Carson Truck Lines trailer. The men from left to right are Chuck Lindsey and Jim Harris. Red Fleming with a Boris Kenworth taken at Cairn Site Service.

Les 'Hammie' Hamlin at Cairn Site with 148 in it's first week of service Summer 1963.

Carson #148 started service with 3 sets (6 Trailers) of Trailmobile trailers and replaced nos. 104,121 and 128-Tag Axle vans. 128 was converted to a single axle tractor and based at Quesnel to run to Williams Lake or Pr. George with one box It had been re-powered 2 years earlier with a 6-53 Detroit- Al Douglas drove it for some time When 154 started service one year later it came with 3 sets of Can-Car vans and replaced 126, 127 and 129. The 3 tandem Hayes tractors,134 and136(56) and 138(57) came as 262's but were de-rated to 220 and re-powered with 250's in 1961.

Three loads of steel for Granisle Copper At Cairnsite March 1966. Ev Humble at Topley Landing for Granisle Photos by Harry Black. Public hauled for Granby Mining at Phoenix and were given the haul to the new mine at Granisle.

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