BC Line Drivers Pre-1965 Collection

Overwaitea Foods Contract Haulers

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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy or Bruce Harger know via email.

Bruce Harger

Bruce Harger sold to Gary Nelson 1965

1960 Kenworth owned by Bruce Harger. The picture is taken at the Lake City terminal for Overwaitea foods, in North Burnaby, BC 1964 White Freightliner owned by Bruce Harger.
Bruce Harger 1961 International LoadStar Bruce Harger 1960 KW and 1963 Trailmobile trailer.  

W.B. (Bob) Hewer

Bob Hewer sold to Monty and Doug MacDonald 1968 (Aggressive Transport)

Dean Chadsey - W.B. (Bob) Hewer
Hauled for Overwaitea Foods
International DCOF-405 day cab, owned by Bob Hewer. Bob used this truck to haul for Overwaitea Foods until a Euclid backed into the cab. He replaced the International with a Kenworth.
Overwaitea Foods Trucks at Lake City
Trucks (L-R) Russell LaBelle, Bruce Harger, Bob Hewer, R LaBelle with Bill Streiling, other two trucks belong to Gary Nelson
Two Overwaitea Meats Ltd Dodge trucks
Frank Lee, Russell 'Sonny' LaBelle, Gary Nelson.
This tandem axle Kenworth, owned by Bob Hewer,was hauling for Overwaitea Foods during the 1960's when the distribution was done at Lake City in North Burnaby, BC. Photo by Hank Suderman This is another Kenworth was a single axle owned by Bob Hewer, also hauling for Overwaitea Foods. Photo by Hank Suderman
Another shot of the tandem axle Kenworth taken a different day. Photo by Hank Suderman 1963 Kenworth
with 1967 Brantford trailer
1965 Kenworth
with 1958 Brown trailer
Bob Hewer's B Model Mack (L-R) Bob Hewer, Walter Dyck, Dale Willbourn. All former Overwaitea drivers. Taken at Dean Chadsey's retirement in 1989..  

Gary Nelson

Gary Nelson sold to Aggressive Transport 1972

Gary Nelson with GMC straight truck Gary Nelson GMC small cabover Picture of Gary Nelson's fleet of trucks.

Russell 'Sonny' LaBelle

Sonny LaBelle began hauling for Overwaitea in the 1950's completely sold to Aggressive Transport by 1974 and worked for Aggressive until 1984 when he retired. Russell 'Sonny' LaBelle passed away in January 2010 at age 86.

Knapp & Labelle Mercury Knapp & Labelle Studebaker and 3 Mercury trucks Knapp & Labelle Mercury
Knapp & Labelle Mercury Labelle & Charleston Mack B Models R. LaBelle Dodge
hauling for Overwaitea Foods
R. LaBelle Hayes Clipper COE
hauling for Overwaitea Foods
R. LaBelle Hayes Clipper COE
hauling for Overwaitea Foods taken around 1978.
Aggressive Transport #122 Hayes Clipper hauling for Overwaitea Foods. This was Sonny's last ride, sold to Don Gordon and became Aggressive #127.

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