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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy or Bruce Harger know via email.

Fred Loucks Trucking Service

Fred Loucks Trucking Service
1930 - 1965

Fred Loucks grew up on the Loucks Family Borderview Farm one mile or so east of the present day Aldergrove Customs. By the 1920's as well as farm chores he was helping his father clearing land, logging , hauling gravel and sawmilling. In 1925 at seventeen Fred bought his first truck, a solid tired Maxwell, by 1928 he had a Model A with dump box and by 1932 he had the first low bed in the area. When Fred moved his brother-in-law's farm to Nicola Lake in 1934,even though it was -40, he realized there was an opportunity in hauling up-country.

The 30's and 40's were busy times for Fred hauling logs to Bellingham and to his own mills, one at the site of the present Aldergrove Lake Park and the other near Otter. At this time Fred had one of the first crawler tractors in the area and was logging and clearing the site of the Abbotsford Airport and road building, plowing snow for Langley and Matsqui. He was acquiring bigger equipment himself and other companies started having Fred haul their equipment as well. Soon he had the best heavy haul license in BC and authority in Washington and Oregon. After the war years and during the 1950's, the highway construction boom years, the Heavy Haul was very busy, Finning Tractor, BC Equipment and Rendell Machinery were all important customers, along with many construction companies.

Fred started building his own Tractors, all but one built with Kenworth Cabs mostly Cummins powered with Mack running gear. Fred and his son Frank along with Hans Siegrist turned out over a dozen "Loucks-Bilt or Loucksmobiles" as we called them, first rate trucks. When Lee's Transport failed in 1958 Transco and then PIX tried unsuccessfully operating the old Lee license. In 1960 Fred Loucks Trucking Service began general freight service to Quesnel and Prince George and with the addition of Derban Peace River Transport's service to the Peace in January 1961, up to 27 units were in the fleet at one time. With the construction of the Columbia River and Peace River dams in the mid 60's, and the building of the Prince George pulp mills, Canadian Pacific thought Fred's business would be a good acquisition. Derek Wilks negotiated a deal with Fred and CPMS took over in 1965. Fred and Hans continued in the shop at 2750 Aldergrove-Bellingham Highway building a Motor Home for Fred and Betty and restoring Model A's and other collectible equipment.

Thanks to Mrs. Frank Loucks for info and pictures

Logging Operation - Most of the logs that Fred transported were destined for the Bellingham Plywood Mill
Logs approximately 5-6 feet in diameter. Location and men's identity is unknown. Photo taken between 1935-39. 1928 Ford Model A with trailer loaded with logs. Photo taken in the 1930's.
Ford truck with logs for Bellingham Plywood Mill. Fred and unknown driver. Ford truck with load of logs.
Truck believed to be a 1934 Ford or could be 1932.
Ford truck being loaded with logs
Taken in the 1930's
Ford V8 truck with load of logs Ford V8 with load of logs. Ford Model A 2 door in the background.
Ford V8 truck with load of logs.    

Gravel Hauling Operation
Fred Loucks taken beside a new Pacific dump truck. Taken at the Pacific Truck & Trailer Factory in Vancouver, BC. Bob Dingsdale Collection. 1946? Pacific truck and Aldergrove shop (shop used by Fred Loucks for his trucking businesses until he sold out in 1965). Taken between 1949-1950. Pacific dump truck being pulled out after accident. Taken in 1949.
IHC dump truck and 150 P&H shovel.
Taken between 1946-1950
IHC dump truck being loaded on mountain side above Harrison Lake. Taken around 1949.
New International KB-8 dump truck with the International Dealer rep and Bert Hayes taken in 1948. IHC dump truck and P&H shovel Three KB8 dump trucks and a K11 and a Pacific dump truck being sold to Kitimat Contracting. Taken in 1951.

Heavy Haul Operation
1932 A5 IHC truck with a load of hay Sawyer Massey steam engine on a Ford truck. Taken in the 1930's
A5 IHC truck with a Cat on flat deck trailer. Fred sitting on the trailer deck. Taken in the 1930's.   Ford truck with Cat

IHC A5 (1932) truck with crane taken in the 1940's. A4 IHC truck with D7 and a D40 dump truck taken at Aggassiz Mountain in the late 1940's. IHC A5 truck with a D7 at the top of Agassiz Mountain. Bert Hayes driver. Taken around 1946-47.
D6 Cat 3 cycle on a trailer IHC truck and Cat at the Allison Pass in 1949-1951 IHC K11 with single drop trailer loaded with John Deere trailers. Taken in 1949-1950.
Loading a D6 on an IHC A5 truck, taken between 1947-1951. A5 IHC truck with trailer and a D7 Cat, taken between 1947-1951. Ford truck, tandem, with a D6 Cat in front of Abbotsford Motors.
Model B Ford with cletrac and farm equipment. Pacific dump truck being pulled out by a Cat after an accident at Canada Forest Properties, Harrison Bay. Taken in 1949. Pacific dump truck being loaded on an IHC A5 after the accident. Taken in 1949.

Fred Loucks 1952 Peterbilt rebuilt with Mack rear ends. Picking up a new low bed at Pacific Truck & Trailer. Bob Dingsdale Collection. Bob Dingsdale Collection.
New low bed at Pacific Truck & Trailer for Fred Loucks. Bob Dingsdale Collection. New Pacific lowbed for Fred Loucks taken in 1952. Bob Dingsdale Collection. Note the cross members for weight saving.
Bob Dingsdale Collection.
1951 Mack with sawmill on trailer. Peterbilt with wrecked Interior Tug and Barge tanker in the Aldergrove yard. Taken around 1953-55. 1951 Mack with a TD24 taken in the 1950's.
Peterbilt with a D8 on a lowbed and 1951 Mack with blades and C-frames in front of Finning Tractor on Station Street, Vancouver, BC, taken around 1951-53. Peterbilt with 150 P&H dragline in the Aldergrove yard. C-frames and farm equipment on trailer at Finning Tractor in Chilliwack. Taken between 1949-1951.
1951 Ford 1 ton, 1951 Mack and 1951 Kenworth with D8's on board. Peterbilt, 1951 Mack and 1951 Kenworth at the Flood scales. Taken sometime before 1956.
Jade Mountain - D8 blades, C-frames and ripper for Laing Construction - Roger's Pass, driver Frank Loucks.
Cat D8's and equipment at the Flood scale heading for the Roger's Pass and Laing Construction.
Three D8 Cats with separate loads of C-frames and blades for Laing Construction and Roger's Pass. Walt Dobie, Mel Wood, Dick Cornies and Frank Loucks are in the pictures. These pictures were taken in June 1959.


Fred Loucks was the first to build this set-back axle Kenworth. Cat diesel 240 HP model 1634.

Fred built two single axle tractors to run an express service thru the Fraser Canyon before the 40 foot Length Limit and 40000 Lb. weight limit were lifted in 1963. One truck would run MWF one week and TT the next with 28 foot trailers. The two regular drivers were Andy Fentie and Clyde VanHull Because Finning was such a good customer and were always after Fred to try CAT engines, these two were built with 1673 engines. He also had one bigger CAT and one AC engine. Most of the others were Cummins Power 262's. After the Canyon restrictions were taken off the two single axles stayed on the Express Run pulling 40 foot vans north and lighter loads like this one Southbound at Boston Bar.

Mel Wood at Flood, BC at the cafe in 1959 Fred Loucks Trucking Kenworth
Fred Loucks only Hayes taken at Bridal Falls, BC in September 1963. Hank Suderman Collection
One of Fred Loucks' Kenworth trucks in the ditch along Highway 97, the Cariboo Highway. Fred would not be happy. Kevin Duddy Collection.

Giant Roadblock occurred when heavily laden semi-trailer overturned at the entrance to Stanley Park Tuesday. Truck was heading for the North Shore when the load shifted, causing it to overturn. Traffic was tied up for three hours. Driver suffered bruises.

During break-up season from March to May our Hwy 97 would be restricted to 75% of 32000 lbs. axle loading and some trailers to Prince George and all trailers to Dawson Creek would be pigged on the PGE. This line-driver working in town should have been travelling to the PGE yard in North Vancouver via the Second Narrows (Iron-workers) Bridge but instead was going via Lion’s Gate. Miraculously no one was hurt in this spill and luckily he didn’t make it to the bridge. Even at that time the Lion’s Gate had a weight limit. This rig I was told would have been way overweight at the time. The driver stayed on with Fred and was at CP for quite a few years surviving a collision with a seven foot+ diameter falling rock at at Skagit Bluffon the Hope-Princeton and the 5th wheel and trailer are still down there. The trailer was a full load of silica in bags from Pacific Silica in Oliver. The cab wasn’t damaged, the tractor just needed a new 5th wheel and some frame repair. The rock fell between the back of cab and nose of trailer on a lwb KW with no drom box tearing the trailer from the rig. Here is a link to a photo of what the long wheelbase KW would have looked like.

Four loads for Laing Construction at Rogers Pass. Laing had a contract to build 4 1/2 miles of the new highway. Three Cats and one load of blades and frames. Taken at Allison Pass HWY 3

Walt Dobie, Dick Cornies, Mel Wood, and Frank Loucks

The trip was via Princeton, HWY 5 to Kamloops, HWY 1 to Revelstoke, it would have been twelve miles shorter via the OK Valley but 2 less scales and no toll bridge via Kamloops.

This old sweetie was still in service for CP Transport in '66 or '67 at Cache Creek. This truck is also a Loucks-Bilt truck. This photo comes from the Tony Gussie Collection.
Fred Loucks ad
from a Motor Carrier Magazine
Fred Loucks Trucking Service Shipping Guide

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