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Derban Peace River Transport

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Derban Peace River Transport

Derban Peace River Transport

In 1953 Darrell and Charley Derban founded Derban Peace River Transport with single axle GMC's, one a 3-71 Detroit Diesel. From these modest beginnings the operation grew at one time to operate up to 13 tractors during the White Pass and Yukon shut down circa 1955/56. Derban's interlined with Loiselle Transport at Dawson Creek, Lee's Transport had an arrangement with Northern Freightways at the same time. In January 1961 Fred Loucks took over their authority. Charley Derban went with the business when Fred took over and when Loucks sold to CPMS in 1965 worked for CP for many years. Darrell went back to school, drove for Greyhound in the summers for 5 years and was a High School teacher until retiring.

Thanks to Darrell Derban for the story information.

Charley Derban on the first trip of Derban Limited's Peace River Transport in 1953. Taken at the Hunter Creek Truck Stop. Derban Ltd. GMC model 520 Derban Peace River Transport. Driver Eddie Demar picking up OK fruit for Dawson Creek.
Charley Derban's Kenworth. Derban Transport Kenworth taken in May 1960.

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