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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy know via email.

The CPR got into Inter-City truck freight service in British Columbia before 1948 with the purchase of Island Freight Service of Victoria to augment the E&N Railway on Vancouver Island and OK Valley Freight Lines of Penticton to do the same in the Okanagan Valley. After the Hope-Princeton Highway opened in November 1949 focus shifted to east-west and Vancouver-Penticton Freight Lines of Vancouver and Cascade Motor Freight Lines of Penticton were purchased during 1950/51. This gave CP highway service between the Coast, the Okanagan to the West Kootenay as far as Nelson.

In 1948 the CPR had purchased the business of the Dench brothers of Olds Alberta who had begun their freight line to Calgary in 1926. Dench of Canada head office was moved to Calgary and they ran as far west as Nelson and east into Saskatchewan. This gave a parallel service to the Kettle Valley & Kootenay Divisions of the railway and in the later 50’s Royal Mail was moved from the passenger trains to the highway, OK Valley & Dench handled this. CP also bought in 1953/54 Refrigerated Express of Vancouver who had operating authority to Alberta via Washington & Idaho thru the Kingsgate/Eastport border crossing. OK Valley & Cascade operated as Expressway Truck Line (Canada) Ltd. until 1962 when all the licenses were transferred to Canadian Pacific Merchandise Services (CPMS).

In 1965 CPMS bought out Fred Loucks Trucking Service of Aldergrove BC whose LTL service went from Vancouver to the north Cariboo, Prince George and the Peace River district. Fred also had a fine heavy haul license that covered the Province and with the construction boom building dams and pulp mills in BC at the time CP wanted this opportunity. (See separate Derban & Fred Loucks stories).

In the mid seventies CP started a new division, CP Bulk Systems. They built petroleum distribution plants in Ashcroft and Armstrong and together with the new larger tank cars undercut the rates being charged by the truck tanker companies. They also moved into the dry bulk (cement etc.) business and this created a lot of dissension with the tank lines and poor labour relations with their employee’s. The plants at Ashcroft and Armstrong were closed by the mid eighties and in 1990 the Bulk Systems division was sold to Trimac. Later some management bought a portion of the business and formed Highland Transport, a contract division which is still in business.

The remaining LTL business was set up as Interlink Transport which was shut down in 1997/98.

All of these trucking companies became part of CP Transport
Island Freight Service, Vancouver-Penticton Freightlines, Refrigerated Express, Cascade Motor Freight Lines Ltd., Expressway Truck Lines Canada Ltd.,
OK Valley Freight Line Ltd., Derban Peace River Transport, Fred Loucks Trucking, Dench of Canada, Fred Loucks Trucking Service

Vancouver Penticton Freightlines International KB Taken at Keremeos, BC in 1948
Harry Mehmal 1951 with his Cascade Motor Freight Lines KB-5. This truck had a pintle hook and Harry would pull pups around town to deliver freight and then load potatoes at the Leader Co-Op (no air on this KB-5). Taken at Grand Forks, BC. Ed Smith (L) and Ralph Campbell (R)

Recently I have been asking relatives about older photos and such. My dear aunt sent me a photo of my Grandpa back in the day. She also sent a newspaper clipping that mentioned He drove for Cascade Motor Freight. This was back in the mid-40s, and he lived in Grand Forks BC during those years.

So what did I do?, I put the trucking company's name into a search engine and whala poof your site appeared.

Again I must say your photos and everyone else's for that matter are outstanding. Nice work.
Gregory Sofonoff Collection

Island Freight Service Ltd. Hayes-Anderson
Vic Goertzen Collection
Cliff Goodkey shared Penticton warehouse with Country Freight Lines. Note Washinton plates. Cliff and Gerry Goodkeys International KB tandem at Nelson, BC
Bill Hrynyk at Cascade-Laurier Customs Bill Hrynyk at Kettle Falls, WA Bill Hrynyk at North Port, WA
Shell station (Les's Cafe)
Taken at Anarchist Mountain Summit
Elevation 4055 Feet
Ken Speer sitting on bumper at Spencer Hill Rocky Rochfort
(L to R)
Bill Williamson, Rocky Rochfort, Doris Gould, ??
Stan Bangham, Harry Jenkins
Bob Smith (L)
Dave Jenkins (R)
Harry Jenkins
Harry and Dave Jenkins   Manny England with a Cascade Motor Freight KW
taken just south of the old downtown rail station in Grand Forks
Bill Souproanuck Jake Wall with a Cascade Motor Freight KW
taken just south of the old downtown rail station in Grand Forks
Jake Wall
Al Clark Jake Wall  
    New Kenworth Bullnose for Cascade Motor Freight
Bob Goddard at Trail, BC   Expressway terminal in April 1958
Harry Jenkins and Stan Bangham at Sherman Pass in Washington state in 1952. Harry Jenkins 1954
Expressway terminal in April 1958 CP Transport Kenworth CBE Expressway Kenworth CBE
Archie McGilivary, Jim Robinson, Jake Wall,
Bill Hrynyk, Al Morgan, Lawrence Neilson
Archie McGilivary, Jim Robinson, Bob Groat,
Bill Hrynyk, Al Morgan, Lawrence Neilson
OK Valley Freight Lines
taken at Hunter Creek
OK Valley Freight Lines
taken at Hunter Creek
OK Valley Freight Mack with the Royal Mail contract Bob Goddard at Ollala, BC
Mike Rabbitt Bob Edmondson taken in September 1964
CP Transport Kenworth
CP Merchandise Services White Freightliner
  Harry Mehmal
CP Transport
Harry Mehmal
CP Transport
CP Transport Mack now has the Royal Mail contract Howie Bell
CP Transport 1960
Lee's Transport International
OK Vally Freight Lines White
OK Valley Freight
Johnny Starrett
Len Lloyd April 1960
Vic Hall April 1960 Jake Wall and Bun Brown Expressway #3405 1953 Kenworth new CBE (1/2 shack) taken at Northport, WA. Earl Cahill Photo.

This accident happened up on Spencers Hill on the west side of Grand Forks. The driver's name is Lloyd Phelps and he was from OK Falls.
The tow truck driver was Dennis Eurby from Grand Forks.
Refrigerated Express Lines Ltd. KW Bullnose Bun Brown with Refrigerated Express KW  
Refrigerated Express #13 and 14
Taken at the Trimble Shop in Calgary
in 1954
Earl Cahill
taken at Elko in 1954 by Ken Cunningham
Refrigerated Express # 13 Kenworth taken south of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Earl Cahill Photo.


A new driver by the name of Bill and I made a trip to Kelowna to pick up a load of apples for Edmonton. We crossed the lake into Kelowna empty. All went well as we loaded and headed back to the ferry.

I got the signal to drive on the ferry but when I did the ferry went down about four feet. People came running out of their cars, the new driver even jumped out of the cab. I stopped with my foot hard on the brake, the pup still on the dock the trailer reach stopping the ferry and me from going down any further. All the other vehicles were moved ahead leveling off the ferry so I could back off and wait for the next crossing. Bill decided he didn’t really care for truck driving and quit.

My next trip to Edmonton was with an experienced driver, Porky Parkinson. This was to be the last trip for old number 13. On the return trip to Vancouver we went into Penticton to pick up apples for Vancouver. All went well until we started down Nine Mile Hill into Hope on that hot Sunday afternoon in August. We heard a couple of tires blow and when I got stopped to check we discovered five blown tires. We got word to the company tire man, Alf Knowles to bring out eight tires. When the flats were removed we discovered no lining on the brakes, metal to metal no wonder things were so hot.

C P took over Reefer Express and Expressway and Porky and I ended up driving a new Kenworth half shack sleeper cab with one door and one seat, not a popular model. Truck Brakes always got a little hot in those days, no Jake Brakes or other engine brakes. Drivers were Drivers then and trucks were trucks not chrome covered and lit up like Christmas trees coming down the road like today.

Pargate Transport (Expressway)

This was a former Reefer Express O/Op partnership of Doug Parke & Carl Gateman who went to Expressway after the takeover.

These pictures at Skagit Bluffs with 3404 (Frankie French) are from April 1955

They returned to other ventures shortly after this


Eastbound Canadian Pacific Merchandise Services Hayes Clipper taken near Eisenhower Junction (now called Castle Junction) along the Trans Canada Highway near the BC and Alberta border. This is a highway junction where the north extent of the Windermere Highway (Highway 93) intersects with the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1).

In the late 50’s O K Valley Freight Lines (whose colour was black) ordered 3 Hayes Conv. Tractors. They were numbered 9427-9428 & 9429. These rigs were Rolls- Royce powered 280 HP-5X3 Trans & SQW rear ends. These engines performed well but ran very hot (white hot pipes below the deck) and slobbered oil badly. Derek Wilkes while riding to OK Falls with Erick Hillstrom was alarmed when he saw this.

When the CPR combined OK Valley, Cascade Motor Freight and Expressway Truck Lines into Canadian Pacific Merchandise Services (CPMS) in 1962 all the rigs were repainted Chinese Red & renumbered.

This beautiful picture at Mt. Eisenhower Junction is of one of the Hayes in 1962. The driver was returning from Cranbook to Calgary, probably one of the former Calgary Dench of Canada drivers.

A note about Dench of Canada. Although they weren’t BC based, at one time everything east of Nelson was their territory. This was changed after the Salmo-Creston Skyway opened, the OK Falls and later the Osoyoos based drivers then ran thru to Cranbook. The Calgary based drivers came to Cranbrook via the Crowsnest or thru Radium, they at one time had Line Drivers based in Cranbrook.

1964 Kenworth CP Transport taken at Vancouver, BC with Willock float trailer carrying a D9 Cat CP Transport Vancouver, BC. T. Brad Dunkin Collection.

CP Transport purchased 5 or 6 Freightliners and 5 or 6 Kenworth cabovers. The Freightliners were 1963 the Kenworths were 1964. They were all Cummins NTC set @ 280 There were four assigned to Vancouver and maybe six of the Freightliners but they had many more in Calgary & Nanaimo. More of these long wheelbase Kenworth and Freightliner trucks can be seen on the Rod Parkinson Collection.

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