BC Line Drivers Pre-1965

BC Line Drivers Pre-1965 Collection

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There are many pictures in this collection that we have not been able to get names for the people in the pictures.
If you know the people in these pictures, please let either Hank Suderman or Kevin Duddy know via email.

A special thanks to Kevin Duddy and Bruce Harger for gathering up these pictures
and for tracking down information on the trucks, companies and people in these pictures.

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Ken Nichols "Old BC Trucking Album" Dale Van Horne
Hank Suderman's 60's Pictures
Hank Suderman's 70's Pictures

Beach Truck Lines
Elsie Beach Collection of Beach Truck Lines Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/15/2014
  Old BC Bills of Lading
Old Bills of Lading
Blaine Port Huron Motor Express
Blaine Port Huron Motor Express Pictures
     Last Updated on : 02/02/2012
Boris Reefer Service
Boris Reefer Service Pictures
     Last Updated on : 01/22/2018
CP Transport and the Companies That Became Part of It
CP Transport Pre-Decessors Pictures
     Last Updated on : 05/05/2018
Derban Peace River Transport
     Last Updated on : 01/31/2015
Fred Loucks Trucking Service
     Last Updated on : 05/05/2018
Canadian Freightways and Predecessors
Canadian Freightways Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/07/2017
Canyon Carriers Ltd.
Canyon Carriers Ltd. Pictures
     Last Updated on : 03/30/2014
Car Haulers in BC
Car Haulers in BC Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/01/2017
Ron Langis Car Hauling Career Pictures
     Last Updated on : 05/14/2017
On the Cariboo Road
Old Routes into the Interior
     Last Updated on : 03/09/2018
Carson Truck Lines
Carson Truck Lines Pictures  Note New Link
     Last Updated on : 04/23/2018
Cottrell's Truck Lines
Cottrell's Truck Lines Pictures
     Last Updated on : 03/26/2012
Chapmans Freight Lines
Chapmans Freight Lines Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/12/2017
Parke Transport Pictures
     Last Updated on : 02/24/2016
Gill Interprovincial Lines Ltd.
G-I-L-L Pictures
     Last Updated on : 03/29/2014
Kingsway Corner
Kingsway Corner Story & Pictures
     Last Updated on : 12/31/2016
Kingsway Transport
Kingsway Transport Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/12/2017
Lee's Transport
Lee's Transport Pictures
     Last Updated on : 12/31/2016
H. Y. Louie Co. Ltd.
HY Louie Pictures
     Last Updated on : 12/31/2016
W.T. Louie (Ashcroft, BC)
W.T. Louie Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/15/2014
Mairs Transport
Mairs Transport Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/12/2017
Midland Superior Express Ltd.
Midland Superior Express Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/01/2018
Millar & Brown
Millar & Brown Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/03/2018
Soo-Security Motorways
Motorways Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/12/2017
Overland Freight
Overland Freight Truck Pictures
     Last Updated on : 09/11/2014
Overwaitea Foods Haulers
Overwaitea Foods Truck Pictures
     Last Updated on : 03/21/2015
Pacific Freightways
Pacific Freightways Pictures
     Last Updated on : 03/26/2012
Pacific Inland Express
PIX Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/03/2017
Public Freightways Collection
Hank Rabe and Others' Collections
     Last Updated on : 03/19/2016
Rick Harker Collection
     Last Updated on : 01/13/2016
Special Report on Public Freightways
     Last Updated on : 02/14/2014
Rice & Trimble Truck Lines Ltd.
Rice & Trimble Truck Lines Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/12/2017
DS Scott
Page 1   Page 2
     Last Updated on : 07/01/2017
Smith Transfer
Smith Transfer Pictures
     Last Updated on : 12/03/2014
T&H Cariboo Transport Ltd.
T&H Cariboo Transport Pictures  Note New Link
     Last Updated on : 04/23/2018
Tanker Companies
Tanker Pictures
     Last Updated on : 05/07/2018
Vancouver Alberta Freightlines
Vancouver-Alberta Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/03/2017
Vance Bros Ltd.
Vance Bros Ltd. Pictures
     Last Updated on : 03/30/2014
Vancouver-Kamloops Freightways
Van-Kam Pictures
     Last Updated on : 07/01/2017
Vancouver-Merritt Freight Lines
Vancouver-Merritt Freight Lines Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/18/2018
Vanderspek's Transport
Vanderspek's Transport Pictures
     Last Updated on : 03/22/2013
Wood & Fraser Transport
Wood & Fraser Transport Pictures
     Last Updated on : 12/03/2014
Miscellaneous Trucking Companies
Miscellaneous Truck Pictures
     Last Updated on : 04/12/2017

BC Truck Stop Pictures
Danton's Cairn Site Service Truck Stop Pictures
Cairn Site Service Truck Stop Pictures
     Last Updated on : 01/30/2015
Flood Cafe & Truck Stop Pictures
Flood Truck Stop Pictures from the 1960's
     Last Updated on : 04/12/2017
Flood Truck Stop Final Reunion
     Last Updated on : 12/20/2016
Hunter Creek Truck Stop and Hall's Truck Stop
Truck Stop Pictures from an Old Photo Album from Lorraine Stoner
     Last Updated on : 05/19/2016
Truck Stop Pictures from an Old Photo Album from Trudi Jarvis
     Last Updated on : 01/31/2015
B-A Topics article about Hunter Creek Service
Hunter Creek Cafe Menu
Hunter Creek Truck Stop Pictures
     Last Updated on : 06/04/2015
Siska Lodge Truck Stop Pictures
Siska Lodge
     Last Updated on : 07/30/2014
Traveler's Esso Service Pictures
Traveler's Service at Westbank, BC
     Last Updated on : 07/01/2017
Esso Station at Dry Lake
Esso Station at Dry Lake
     Last Updated on : 09/28/2015

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