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Other Kamloops Freight Lines

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The Other Kamloops Freight Lines

Kamloops Transport - Kamloops-Salmon Arm Transport - Kamloops-Okanagan Freight Lines - Wade Transfer - Gray Freightways

Kamloops was served from the coast in the 30's by Vanderspek Transportation & White Transport and beginning in 1947 by Vancouver-Kamloops Freight Lines who picked up the Vanderspek license
After WW2 the above companies operated out of Kamloops as well as George Newton's Merritt Freight
George was agent for Vancouver-Kamloops Freight Lines and would have interlined with the railways, CPR & CNR and other truck lines such as OK Valley Freight Lines from Penticton
Kamloops was a major distribution town at that time with many warehouses, F.R. Stewart, Kelly Douglas, W.H. Malkin, the big Toastmaster Bakery, equipment dealers, parts distributors as well as a bottling plant.

Kamloops Transport operated from Kamloops to Clinton, 100 Mile and Williams Lake and the license became part of T&H Cariboo about 1958, also the license from Kamloops to Cache Creek/Ashcroft and Lillooet. Wade came south from Quesnel and was bought in 1956 by D. Chapman & Company. Gray Freightways ran to the Cariboo for a few years after Chapman's got the Wade license.

I don't know the owners of the other licenses but Oldham's Transport held the Salmon Arm-Revelstoke license in the mid-fifties. In 1962 they were acquired by Vancouver - Kamloops Freight Lines giving authority to Salmon Arm/Golden and Vernon/Kelowna and the operating name became Van - Kam Freightways.

Gordy Heslop drove for almost all of them.

Gord Heslop at Bert Collins TU Cache Creek
heading to Williams Lake 1948
Gord Heslop at 59 Mile, the end of pavement in 1951, Cariboo Hwy (BC 2 at the time, paved to Lac La Hache later that year) Kamloops Transport 1952 Federal with Merv Hannah, Carl Messmer and Bill Goodridge. taken near Clinton photo by Gord Heslop.
Glord Heslop going up to Mt Lola Radar Station - Kamloops 1954 Al Mee (Greyhound driver) taken at Westwold, BC in 1947
New 810 Diamond T trucks with 13 ton Columbia trailers taken at Pondosa Pine Lumber Co. of Monte Lake, BC Oct 7, 1947

DWXLD Hercules diesel
Fuller 5A 72 Mains
Brown Lipe 35A boxes
V200 - Timken D.R. Diffs 30,000 pounds
5 inch front drums
9x16.5 rear drums
10x16.5 drums on the trailer
200 gal bulkhead water tank
cab controls to truck and trailer
Kamloops Transport White truck
at Loch Lomond (74 Mile)
Kamloops Transport White is probably Gord Heslop arriving in Cache Creek on the old Bonaparte River bridge from Kamloops (behind where the Oasis Hotel was built) probably going to Williams Lake. Kamloops-Salmon Arm Transport
Doug Hunt (L) and ?? (R)
Grays Freightways Autocar truck. Gray's Freightways Kenworth truck and trailer.